W4 Academy


What is HubSpot?
Why HubSpot and what are the benefits?
How can I use HubSpot for my marketing?
What opportunities do I have on HubSpot?
Can I use HubSpot as CMS for the creation of my website?
For which companies can HubSpot be useful?
How can HubSpot support me in inbound marketing?
What qualifies W4 as a HubSpot Agency Partner?


What is Mautic?
What possibilities does Mautic offer?
What is the Mautic GDPR Plugin?
Why do you need a GDPR plugin?
Why do I have to react to the new DSGVO?
My company is in Switzerland: Why should I care about the new DSGVO?
What does the Mautic GDPR Plugin do?
How much does the W4 Mautic GDPR Plugin cost?
Mautic vs. HubSpot – What works better for my company?