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The best file sharing platform for Swiss Communities.

CommunityNet Komissionsplattform is a file sharing and storage solution for local community governments in Switzerland.

  1. Individual and customized installation, for the best security and privacy
  2. All data locally hosted in Switzerland
  3. Open source secure software

Securely access and share data from everywhere and any device

CommunityNet Komissionsplattform is a file sync, share and content collaboration solution, with which Communities can access and share data easily from anywhere and from any device, securely and privately.


Share data within your Community

CommunityNet Komissionsplattform makes it easy, flexible and secure, wherever you and your team need to access the data from. You can specify which internal users get access permission to files and folders, depending on team and user roles.

  • Custom groups
  • Activity stream
  • Comments

Share data with guests and external users

Flash drives and public clouds are a data security threat waiting to happen. With CommunityNet Komissionsplattform, you send out password-protected sharing links with expiration dates.

  • Public links
  • File drop for external users
  • Set expiration dates

Go mobile, work from anywhere

You and your team need safe and easy access to relevant files, whether they work in the office, from home or the mountain. CommunityNet Komissionsplattform enables them with robust apps and clients for each platform.

  • Web App
  • Desktop App
  • iOS & Android App

Data Privacy and Protection Regualtions

CommunityNet Komissionsplattform is compliant with regulations about how you can use data, and secures your data physically and digitally.

  • GDPR compliant
  • Secure private data storage in Switzerland

Email Integration

Never send e-mails with large attachments again. Share files easily using CommunityNet Komissionsplattform. Either send a private link in the email or share documents with users – they’ll be notified automatically.

  • Private links
  • Share files directly from the desktop app
  • Copy links & share files from the mobile apps