One content management system for everyone:

...for Marketers

Create websites with or without the support of your IT.  HubSpot offers a variety of templates, which can be flexibly adapted to your personal needs via a drag and drop editor. They are responsive, which means optimized for display on mobile devices. The Smart Content function enables you to provide your website visitors with targeted content. The use of forms and calls-to-action encourages the website visitor to take action and thus increases the conversion rate.

...for developers

Develop your website locally and use your preferred tools like GitHub for versioning. Code warnings in case of incorrect syntax or missing tags make your work easier.

For dynamic content such as prices, product catalogs, etc., which is integrated into several pages of the website, the HubDB is available. It gives you the advantage to maintain your content in only one table and display it in several places. This is especially useful when integration of HubSpot with an e-commerce software (e.g. Magento) is set up. 

Create flexibly editable pages for your marketing team. However, you can determine the extent to which these can be edited. This way you can ensure that the uniform layout of the website doesn't get lost. You can block more complex modules, such as the connection to the HubDB so that the module source code can't be changed in the editor.

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Flexible Templates

Flexible templates

Create flexible templates that allow your marketing team to work independently.

As a marketer, you have dynamic areas in which you can insert various elements via drag and drop.

Multi-language content

Multi-language content

The CMS is designed to easily add multilingual content. Pages as well as global modules, which are used on several pages, can be translated.

HubSpot Marketing Hub SEO


Suggestions for search engine optimization (SEO) are provided at both the page and domain levels.

HubSpot CMS Hub adaptive tests

Adaptive tests

Create up to five variants of a page. The system analyzes the traffic and determines which variant is the most powerful.

Smart Content

Smart Content

Smart Content allows addressing your target groups on your website with content suitable to them. If the user is known to the system, content based on selected criteria is displayed. Such criteria are e.g. customer vs. non-customer, his industry, his sector, or the country where the user is located.

HubSpot CMS membership function

Membership function

Set up an exclusive area for your members which they can access via individual log-in.

HubSpot CMS multiple brand domains

Multiple brand domains

Multiple brand domains and websites can be managed in one account. The reporting can individually be set up for these domains.

HubSpot CMS Maintenance


SaaS-CMS, CDN with 99.99% availability, complete security, and detection of threats around the clock, standard SSL, Web Application Firewall.

Painful and expensive updates of content management systems or plug-ins are a thing of the past. Your system is always up-to-date.

HubSpot CMS integrations


Integrations with other systems like ERP, CRM or e-commerce software are possible. Many different solutions are already available in the App Marketplace.

We are also happy to help you develop a custom solution that is tailored to your needs. Please feel free to arrange a non-binding appointment with us.

Pricing & Packages

The CMS Hub is available as Professional and Enterprise versions, varying in functions. Get in touch with us and we will help you to find out which version best covers your needs. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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