Why only present what you can also sell? The importance of the Internet as a preferred sales channel is increasing from year to year. Studies carried out in various universities highlight what has been apparent for a few years now. People are buying more online and more often.

For setting up an online shop, we use the Magento solution. Magento offers everything a modern e-commerce solution requires and, thanks to the open standard, is adaptable and versatile. We design your store, your processes and your sales strategy and ensure that the customers are not only informed about your products, but also buy them.

About Magento

Magento is an open source e-commerce platform first released in 2008. It has opened the doors to completely new online shop dimensions. Its two great and innovative advantages are flexibility, and management simplicity. On the one hand therefore Magento allows shop operators to once more have control over their own offers and to be able to operate freely regarding business processes and work flows and, on the other hand, to flexibly manage several shops with independent catalogue domains.

More sales, more customers, and above all, lower costs. An e-commerce solution can be complementary to the existing retail business or the sole sales channel of an online oriented company. Either way, you should inquire about the possibilities and the idea of a shop service with us.


Sarah Wilhelm
Sarah Wilhelm
Managing Director W4
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