Banks, FinTech companies and other companies from the financial sector are handling highly sensitive data on a daily base and are thus in the responsibility of providing the highest security and care possible. The consequences of a successful hacker attack are grim – for the company as well as for the customers.


New technologies – new responsibilities

“Financial Technology” (FinTech)-companies have shaped the world of finance on a global scale, in particular since the financial crisis in 2008. As developers of innovative finance-tools, they are trailblazers and provide their customers with a multitude of services like for example different payment methods, financing, investments and coverage which are not part of classical banking. Vast amounts of data is collected that needs to be safeguarded and can be used for successful marketing. Crypto- and Blockchain-companies also belong to this constantly growing sector. Crypto companies trade with digital payment methods (crypto currencies) and make a digital payment process, which is based on a decentralized data storage, possible. Due to the decentralization and the enormous amount of data that has been collected, these companies also have a massive responsibility in keeping the sensitive data of their users save.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to do without complex, data-driven marketing. Companies from the financial sector like banks, saving banks, insurances, FinTech companies or credit card organizations constantly develop new products and services, which are adapted to the current financial market, political situations as well as social trends – consequently, they reflect the zeitgeist.

Just as with other companies, their goal is to sell their products. Because of the aforementioned highly sensitive data, many of these companies are however reluctant when it comes to digitalization of their marketing. Companies from other branches are meanwhile already profiting from the many advantages of marketing automation. With the right software, companies from the financial industry are also able to create an efficient, diverse, secure and successful online marketing that includes innovative online campaigns, automatized workflows and different methods of lead generation.


Mautic – Open Source according to the highest standard

Mautic is an open source software which offers a couple of advantages over commercial software. Open source helps you to a high level of flexibility: you are not bound to the manufacturer. With the help of our IT experts, you can install add-ons and manage individual settings. The source code is extremely well programmed and is of high efficiency. Regarding security, the open source software is also a frontrunner: if security gaps occur, they are detected and fixed immediately.

Moreover, Mautic is an open source on-premise solution which means that the software can be stored locally on your own servers or computers. The obvious advantage being that you have full control of your data and don’t need to push it into a cloud – the perfect solution when it comes to data security. Companies of the financial sector are placing high value on flawless and uncompromising data security – Mautic makes it possible!


GDPR-compliance with the W4-Plugin

The introduction of the GDPR on the 25th of May 2018 meant stricter regulations regarding data protection and the handling of personal data. These new regulations have triggered an alarm for many and may have led to an even wider rejection of marketing automation. Consequently, W4 has developed a plugin which makes the usage of Mautic in compliance with data protection possible.

The W4 GDPR-plugin consists of the following functionalities:

  • Anonimyzation of the users’s IP address
  • Opt-out of tracking of user behavior
  • Opt-in to tracking of user behavior
  • Do not track- option of the browser
  • Access log

More information on our GDPR-plugin


Marketing Automation – Next Level Online marketing

The digital transformation is an ongoing process – and for a reason! More and more companies understand the advantages of digitalization, automation and personalization for modern online marketing. By using the marketing automation software Mautic, you will be able to automatize all of the digital marketing workflows. You are moreover able to create and manage centralized communication channels like emails or landing pages in one tool. Marketing campaigns can easily be created, implemented and analyzed in great detail. You are free to nurture existing contacts and customers or generate leads (qualified individuals who are willing to give contact data) with the help of different marketing activities. Thanks to centralization, marketing automation reduces the complexity of your online marketing and it adds to the growth of your conversion rate as well. Mautic enables you to use your marketing budget more efficiently: increase deals, reduce costs – automation! A variety of different reporting functions makes it possible to analyze your success and to filter out what can still be optimized.


Marketing strategy

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More information about marketing automation can be found in our Marketingblatt.

For an example of a successful implementation of the marketing automation software Mautic, we invite you to take a look at our cooperation with SEBA Crypto AG, a pioneer of the banking industry. To guarantee absolute data safety, compliance to GDPR regulations as well as the success of future marketing campaigns, W4 has implemented Mautic and the GDPR-plugin for SEBA. 

As full-service marketing and communications platform, W4 has already supported many companies in the setup and maintenance of the marketing automation software Mautic. Our experienced and competent team of IT experts and marketing professionals is happy to be at your service. Please ask for references directly. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Sarah Wilhelm
Senior Consultant