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Get to know your (future) clients even more

Especially being stuck in the home office, your employees, as well as your customers, will be pleased about a little distraction and a playful challenge. With the help of gamification and perfectly fitting for Easter, companies have the chance to put themselves in the spotlight and leave behind a positive and lasting impression on their customers and employees. Gamification has proven to be a strategically smart element to interact with contacts and to refresh or intensify business relationships. Challenge yourself and your fellow players with online games or competitions for a happy mood that also has a positive effect on the business level.

the easter bunny is playing hide and seek – can you find him?

Do you remember Easter in your childhood with the exciting egg hunt through the garden and the children's shining eyes finally discovering the Easter eggs or small gifts? With gamification, you can give adults (such as employees or potential customers) as well the chance to participate in this wonderful hide and seek game! Spring a surprise on them with a professionally designed online Easter game, which individually and according to your wishes as well as target groups ensures a smile every day.

Place content and/or competitions or lotteries behind each window (up to 24) that participants click through searching for the Easter Bunny (which is the jackpot). The placement of the Easter Bunny changes constantly, so players can seek search multiple times. The chance to win depends on how many clicks were needed to find the Easter bunny - the fewer clicks needed, the higher the chance to win a prize after submitting a form.

Using this established marketing tool you can reactivate business relationships and leads and address tailored content according to your corporate identity. In this way, you put your brand back in the minds of your customers and ensure visibility on all channels.

Depending on your capacities and wishes, you can book the Hide & Seek Easter Game in different packages:

  • Full service excl. content development
  • Full service incl. content development
  • Self-production
  • Support packages

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