In this workshop you will learn why email marketing still plays an important role and how to develop an email marketing strategy suitable for your company. Find out how to increase the email opening rate with just the right subject line, how to create interesting content and how to nurture customers on a long term basis.
Moreover, learn about what you have to pay attention to while creating an email campaign and what you should refrain from doing. Which technical details have to be considered so that the deliverability of your emails is guaranteed? How can you use campaign analysis in order to optimize future emails? These and other questions will be answered during our workshop. 

All topics at a glance

  • Importance of email
  • Developing an inbound email strategy
    • Audience
    • Segmentation
    • Content
    • Lead nurturing campaigns
  • Email deliverability
  • Email analytics
  • Creating emails

Who is the workshop designed for?

 The inbound email strategy workshop addresses employees from companies, who want to refresh or expand their own knowledge or the one of their team in order to be able to efficiently use email marketing to optimize the success of their marketing campaigns. 

Where will the INBOUND E-MAIL STRATEGY WORKSHOP take place?

We come to you

Our special offer for you: We conduct the Inbound E-Mail Strategy workshop directly on site in your company - in Switzerland, Germany, Austria or Slovakia, and now Online.

There are no additional costs for you: Whether at one of our locations or in your company.

We invite you to visit us

We offer the Inbound E-Mail Strategy Workshop in Zurich in Switzerland. Our workshop facilities can accommodate up to 16 participants. Comfort and a pleasant atmosphere are provided. You can reach us in only three minutes on foot from the main train station. 

We bring the Inbound E-Mail Strategy workshop to your event

Whether in a hotel conference room or other premises - we are agile and mobile.

Now also online!

You are propably already getting used to group calls with zoom. Just like in our regular workshops, where we come to your office or invite you to our workshop room, we will attend your zoom meeting or invite you to our zoom room for training!

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The Inbound E-Mail Strategy Workshop is available in english and german.



The training is designed for a duration of 3 hours.

Cost of the Workshop – In person, on site

Our prices are valid for the whole group, not per person.
We can accommodate 3 - 9 people in a workshop, larger groups on request.
Price for a group of 3 - 9 persons: 3.500 CHF / EUR

Cost of the Workshop – online

We would like to support your company in these interesting times and therefore offer our online workshop at a group flat rate of 2.500 CHF / EUR (group size: 3-9 participants).

Contact us

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