Sustainability has to be a focal point in annual reports

The terms 'annual report' and 'sustainability' will be closely linked in the near future. Sheer numbers do not meet investors' information requirements anymore. Stakeholders expect transparent statements on long-term objectives and values connected to the indicated investments.

50 percent of Swiss companies know that already. They publish sustainability reports. 75 percent of all Swiss businesses already launch annual reports on the basis of the sustainability reporting guidelines GRI G4. Their relevancy and functionality is underlined by these high percentages.

Integrated reporting paves way for GRI G4

G4 sustainability reporting guidelines
The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) compiled guidelines for the categories economy, ecology, social commitment and related subcategories in corporate reporting. The guidelines refer to many diverse aspects of sustainability. A company's values, finances and practices can be communicated comprehensively and strategically in the context of sustainability to stakeholders in reporting.

Integrated reporting concept
Integrated reporting is an instrument for leadership and communication in businesses.

The concept provides a framework for the inward and outward presentation of a company's practices. This means that the separation of mission statement and finances is dissolved in favor of a more holistic presentation of the value added model.

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Your benefits of professional sustainability reporting with GRI G4 and integrated reporting

  • systematic, holistic communication approach
  • compliance with existing EU requirements for large enterprises
  • improved rating results with regard to sustainability
  • strategic focus on sense of responsibility towards employees and stakeholders in reports
  • concision, reliability and materiality
  • stakeholders and employees can link investments to values and visions

W4 Services

W4 supports companies in selected areas or from start to finish in creating annual reports in compliance with the GRI G4 guidelines. 

Content consulting includes assistance during the introduction of a process-accompanying reporting according to the integrated reporting concept. 

In a first step, we conduct an overall analysis incl. benchmarks. Based on this analysis, we will develop strategic sustainability objectives. Part of this are interviews with stakeholders to introduce external perspectives to integrated reporting.

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