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How do you manage to be one step ahead of the competition these days? Which technologies should we as a company rely on? How can I make my marketing and sales activities more efficient without hiring more resources? How do we get more leads and sales opportunities?

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Sarah_Wilhelm_BW_400x400pxAs the managing director of W4, Sarah Wilhelm plays a vital role in the organization's success. She is a highly skilled digital marketing consultant with years of experience in marketing strategy, growth marketing, and lead generation. Her expertise in these fields has helped numerous clients achieve their business goals.

Sarah oversees W4's day-to-day operations and ensures that the organization delivers high-quality services to its clients. She is proficient in Scrum and Agile business development and leadership, allowing her to effectively manage the international team. In addition, Sarah has a strong background in content marketing, lead generation through gamification, and Innovation in Sales.

Under Sarah's leadership, W4 offers a diverse range of services, including marketing automation, CRM, healthcare marketing, SEO, and web development. Her dedication to the success of the organization and its clients has contributed significantly to the efficiency and effectiveness of W4.

The organization's success is evident through its successful client stories, such as TUI, NESTLÉ, TIMBERLAND WATCHES, and VP BANK, among others. With a diverse range of services that includes marketing automation, CRM, healthcare marketing, SEO, and web development, W4 is equipped to handle even the most complex of issues and markets. 

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