Digital brand communication



How to turn impulse buyers into loyal consumers

Digitalization and the altering interaction of consumers with brands are  demanding for new digital brand communication. Consumers are reducing loyality and instead purchase impulse-driven.  This makes it all the more challenging for companies to use their own platform to build a multi-dimensional digital brand identity that is consistently oriented to the needs of multifaceted customer groups - for individual customer experience and emotional user moments.

Companies analyze the widespread fluid consumer who acts according to an individual value system in every area of his life and are challenged to offer flexible messages on their platforms. 

Is this why the brand core of companies should be dissolving? Not at all! It is the messages that should be adapted to the living environment of the various consumers. The time of great symbolism is definitely over and makes room for compelling  brand stories. They are popular and create brand loyalty.

Learn more about the fluid consumer and his world of me identities: how he thinks, acts and is enthusiastic about digital brand stories. And how brands succeed in creating a positive image – story by story, even with impulse-driven buyers.

  • New branding process: from the inside view to the outside perspective
  • Consumers and the world of me identity
  • multidimensional brand messages - from claim to brand story
  • Link between platforms and loyalty
  • Best Practice Schweizstrom


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