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Learn how Automation is an Efficiency Engine in Marketing and Sales

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More efficiency in marketing and Sales for B2B Companies

Over 80% of initial contacts in B2B take place online: suppliers, products, services and their areas of application as well as reviews by third parties are the first points of contact from organic or paid searches.
Especially in B2B, it was becoming increasingly difficult to get the contact details of potential leads. But with interesting content
(Blog, white paper, application reports) and a suitable marketing automation in the background, you can continuously supply your sales department with new leads that have already been warmed up.
In this white paper, we also provide 10 perfect examples of how your team will reap the benefits of automation, such as:
  • Clean recipients list for newsletter and mailings
  • Automate Lead Nurturing
  • Manage event registration
  • All Data in one system