Expert Online Marketing Solutions for Chinese Audiences 

At W4, we help Western companies reach a large number of users and launch creative digital marketing campaigns in China. As a full-service marketing and communications agency, we accompany you from the beginning to the constant development of your marketing efforts in China. From our Europe, or China offices, we support you in the planning and conceptualization stage as well as with the technical realization and ongoing management of your marketing activities. 

Our Beijing and Shanghai teams have the strategic mindset, and technical know-how to help you conquer the Chinese market. 

China Social Media Marketing: WeChat Marketing

With over a billion users, WeChat is the top messaging app in China and presents a massive opportunity for Western businesses looking to market their products or services. That's where our China marketing services come in - we can help you create the most converting WeChat campaigns that will boost your followers and skyrocket your ROI.

Our professional team provides expert marketing support to enhance your WeChat presence and maximize your visibility to potential customers. With our WeChat marketing solutions, you can move beyond basic messaging and tap into powerful marketing campaigns, such as competitions, discount promotions, and ticket sales. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to reach a massive audience - let us help you take your WeChat marketing to the next level.

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Get a professional WeChat Account & speak to your audience

We'll help you create a professional and attractive account for your business and design target-group oriented WeChat marketing campaigns for your business in China.

Gain visibility on China's Social media

We offer you professional advice and manage your social media presence so that your business is always top of mind.

Leverage Wechat without Leaving hubspot

With our WeChat HubSpot Connector solution you can still enjoy all the benefits of Hubspot while marketing to China through WeChat. 

China Marketing Digital Services- W4

Sina Weibo Marketing Services: Leverage China’s Second Largest Social Media Platform

Search engine marketing (SEM) is indispensable for companies that want to be among the top search results. Many Western companies make sure that their websites are optimized for a great ranking on Google. Things are different in China, where Baidu is the most successful search engine. Baidu holds over 70 percent market share. Our W4 Marketing experts in Beijing help you to climb to the top of Baidu's ranking. We know the market in China, know what your target audience is interested in and how to best address potential customers in China. Our Chinese marketing staff creates high-quality and search-optimized content in Chinese (the language with the world's most native speakers).

Sina Weibo sponsored post

Create effective sponsored posts on Sina Weibo, similar to their Twitter equivalents, to reach potential followers or specific interest groups

china influencer marketing with weibo tasks

We help you leverage the reach and image of influential users through Weibo Tasks

effectice audience targeting

Boost individual posts, your account, or app downloads, with highly accurate targeting options similar to those of Facebook Business Manager.

Zhihu Marketing Services: Meet Your Customers in Their Research Journey

W4's Zhihu marketing solutions provide comprehensive services to help businesses leverage the potential of Zhihu, China's leading question-and-answer platform. With milions of  registered users, Zhihu offers a unique opportunity to engage with an educated and dedicated audience.

Our services include Zhihu account creation and verification, content creation tailored to the Chinese audience, community management, Q&A campaigns, and paid advertising on Zhihu. We also offer live seminars and roundtables to connect with your target audience in real-time and provide paid consultancy for expert advice on optimizing your marketing strategy.

Marketing in China Agency
Engage and generate more leads

Meet your audience precisely where they are in their research journey on Zhihu. By answering their questions and effectively communicating your brand message, you can establish a strong connection with potential customers, build trust, and position your brand as a valuable resource.

Showcase your expertise

Tap into the potential of Zhihu, a platform where users seek answers to their questions. By sharing your knowledge and expertise, you can establish your brand as an industry authority and earn the trust of potential customers.

Increase Your online presence

Leverage a wide range of ad formats, strategically positioned on Zhihu's main page and targeted question/answer pages. This strategic placement ensures your ads receive maximum exposure and engagement, reaching a wide audience on this influential platform.


Baidu Marketing Services for China’s no.1 Search Engine

When it comes to doing business in China, Baidu marketing is an absolute must-have in your arsenal. As the most popular search engine in China, ranking highly on Baidu can make all the difference in driving traffic and generating leads.

At W4, we specialize in Baidu marketing services that are designed to give your business an edge over the competition. Our team of experts knows exactly what it takes to optimize your website for Baidu SEO and drive targeted traffic to your site. In addition, we'll help you create a tailored Baidu PPC campaign that targets the right audience and generates leads.

With Baidu commanding a staggering 71.9% of the Chinese market share, it's essential that your business has a strong online presence on this platform. As the 5th most visited website in the world, Baidu offers unparalleled opportunities to tap into the Chinese market. So don't miss out on this incredible opportunity - let W4 help you take your Baidu marketing to the next level and achieve real results for your business.

Get your message across

We translate your brand message in the right language and are conscious of cultural sensitivities to avoid censorship.

Chinese language keyword research

We perform keyword research to target the most relevant keywords through SEO and PPC.

Mobile friendly websites

Our developers can create websites that are accessible and mobile-optimized for your business to succeed in China.

Trade Fair Marketing Through WeChat in China Services

Our WeChat trade fair marketing services help companies tap into the importance of trade fairs for B2B communication in China, particularly for generating WeChat contacts. WeChat is a powerful social media app that combines features of Facebook, PayPal, and LinkedIn, and is widely used for both personal and professional networking. We help companies bridge the gap between their exhibition booth and WeChat profile by creating attention-grabbing actions like raffles to attract visitors and encourage them to connect to the company's WeChat profile. We can also send trade fair invitations to existing contacts, create trade fair vouchers, and use QR codes to inform visitors about promotions and guide them to the company's exhibition stand. By using WeChat for trade fair marketing, companies can generate lifelong connections with customers, who often change jobs every two years in China.

networking in china

We can help companies generate and distribute their own WeChat QR codes, making it easy for potential contacts to connect with them at trade fairs.

Advertising in china solutions

We can help create QR codes for companies to use in their advertising campaigns, making it easy for customers to connect the real world with digital promotions.

Cashless payments

Our WeChat trade fair marketing services can also assist in setting up WeChat Pay and integrating QR codes for secure and convenient cashless payments.

Drive Results and Boost Your Brand in China with W4's Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

At W4, we take a comprehensive and innovative approach to online marketing that is tailored to the needs of your Chinese target audience. Our team of experts will work with you to design a custom online marketing strategy that integrates the latest trends and technologies, ensuring that your brand message resonates with your audience.

To generate traffic to your website and improve brand awareness, we utilize Baidu's community services, such as Baidu Zhidao (Q&A platform), Baidu Tieba (Forum), and Baidu Tuiguang. These services are integral to engaging with your target audience and building a loyal customer base in China.

In addition, we leverage Baidu's powerful advertising tools, such as the Baidu-Brand-Zone, to expand your brand reach and promote your products creatively. This feature enables companies to expand their ads to brand keywords and target their ideal audience effectively.

Overall, our goal is to help you achieve real results for your business in China by creating an online marketing strategy that is both innovative and effective. So let us help you take advantage of the immense potential of the Chinese market with our tailored approach to online marketing.


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Excellent and Smooth project
W4 Marketing did a great job in all website projects that we had. They deliver timely and provide excellent expertise. Great work! We would find them to help other digital activities.

Website development, website migration, and website design

Anson L.

Trusted and efficient partner for digital marketing!
We have been working with W4 for almost a year. During this period, they always bring us new ideas, helping us to optimize our digital campaigns. They also show strong flexibility and efficiency. Whenever we made a new request, they will deliver the work promptly and at a high standard. We enjoy working with them and look forward to our next projects!

Stephanie C.

W4 is a very good team, they always think on behalf of the customer and would react very fast to customer requirements and tasks .

Stephanie Su

We have come to rely very heavily on W4 and their knowledge and work in the B2B sector in China. They have come to know our business extremely well and have become a valued and trusted partner.

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