Sales are primarily made online today. Your advertising and marketing efforts should take this circumstance into account. The magic word is inbound marketing: the customers themselves initiate contact – provided your online presentation is appealing to them. Content therefore plays an important role in your enterprise communications. Content represents your product, your brand, your company.

Content Marketing follows the goal of opening up new target audiences and generate customers by providing them with relevant and valuable content. Content is versatile and can be found on company websites, blogs, social media channels, in newsletters or whitepapers. The content you publish – for example texts, pictures, infographic or studies – has the goal of providing your customers with solutions, answering their search queries and triggering their interest for more. Content will only be appreciated when it is search engine optimized and up-to-date – if so, it will help you in reaching the highest search engine ranking possible. 

However, valuable content and convincing storytelling alone is not enough: you have to make sure that your users are offered the right content during each stage of their customer journey. It is absolutely necessary to provide users with content that is relevant for them, depending on their respective stage in the sales funnel. This is how you increase your chances of a conversion!

With the help of a well-developed content strategy, you support your marketing process. Your company is not the center of attention, but interesting stories which provide the user with value and a certain entertainment factor are.

Optimized content marketing has three components: 

Content creation

Producing appealing content that is relevant to your targeted audience

Content Curation

Editing and contextualizing relevant content by other sources

Social Publishing

Interacting with clients and leads on social media platforms (using surveys, comments, etc.)

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The advantages of content marketing at a glance:

  • improve your ranking on search engines
  • generate leads – get potential clients' attention
  • invite potential clients to spend some time on your website and encourage them to interact with the content you provide
  • raise brand awareness – clients will identify with your company
  • be recognized as an expert in your field of expertise – in short: create trust
  • profit from social sharing – users share interesting content with their peers
  • get to know your clients better by using monitoring tools – this is how you optimize future marketing efforts

These are the many reasons why you should provide interesting content on the relevant channels. But what media should you use? What content should be communicated in what way?

Thanks to more than 20 years of experience, we know how successful content marketing works. Get in touch!


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