You are searching for software that helps you to get more traffic on your website, generate more leads and convert them into customers? The Marketing Hub is the perfect all-in-one tool for it. Automate your marketing without having to forgo a targeted and personalized approach. 

How do you guarantee the success of your inbound marketing campaign?

HubSpot offers you the possibility to create websites, landing pages, emails, and blogs and to fill these with interesting content. The marketing software provides you with a variety of templates, which you can use as a basis for your assets. A diversity of module components helps you to individually design your pages. Make use of call-to-action buttons to draw the attention of users and thus trigger your rate of interaction. Forms help you to creatively gather relevant data about your prospects and leads. This data will be of great advantage during the process of your inbound marketing campaign. The use of personalization and Smart Content (dynamic content), allows you to address your website visitors or e-mail recipients personally and targeted. There are hardly any limits to your content marketing strategy. 

Versatile and efficient: optimize your content marketing strategy 

Social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter can also be integrated so that the content for these platforms can directly be posted via the marketing software HubSpot. You can also monitor reactions and interactions and analyze the respective performance in great detail.

The SEO tool gives you recommendations for on-page SEO as well as technical search engine optimization of your pages per domain. In the page-level editor, an SEO checklist shows you which points need to be improved. Another part of the SEO function in HubSpot are topics. It provides the opportunity to define pillar pages with topically related content in order to organize and monitor it.

In addition, you can assign your content to a specific, comprehensive campaign. Whether paid advertisements, blog posts, or social media posts: You have centralized access to the evaluation of all related marketing activities in one place.

Automate your Marketing

Whether for internal or external communication - use workflows. Besides offering you the opportunity to automate communication campaigns, such as lead nurturing or double opt-in processes, workflows also relieve you of internal work. Assign leads to the appropriate contact person or create tasks for your colleagues. Workflows for adding contact properties can also be set up and allows you to clean up or complete your contact database.

Lead Scoring – What is the stage of your prospects in the sales process?

Lead scoring is another valuable and largely automated function of the Marketing Hub.

How is my contact interacting with my content? Which websites does he visit and what topics is he interested in? Do contact and company fit my target group? Based on these questions, an automated process is set up to score each prospect. If leads have collected a corresponding number of points, they are assigned to colleagues in the sales team. Lead scoring is an important component of marketing and sales alignment.


Besides traffic and website analytics, forms, emails, and calls-to-action can be individually analyzed. Campaign reporting includes all content elements that are assigned to the respective campaign. Furthermore, you have many powerful options for creating custom reports and dashboards with the KPIs relevant to you. These include Attribution Reporting, which allows you to measure the impact of your marketing activities on sales by attributing them e.g. to specific interactions, sources, or content.




Pick up your future leads right at the beginning of the buyers journey. Create your own blog to provide your prospects with the most instructive content possible.

Landing Pages

Landing pages

Create your own landing pages for your marketing campaigns without the need for IT help. HubSpot offers a wide range of templates for different purposes.

E-Mail Marketing

Email marketing

Whether regular newsletters or campaign mailings: Send your personalized emails via HubSpot. Manually or automatically. The analytics options include individual emails, a comparison of emails with each other and "health" reporting that gives you information about the quality of your contacts' email addresses.



Receive SEO suggestions at both: site and domain level.

Organize your content via topic clusters and define Pillar Pages.



Automate your marketing. Workflows offer you the possibility of automatize a wide range of (communication) processes - both external and internal.

Lead Management

Lead management

Keep an overview of your contacts. Find out what content your website users are interacting with, what topics they are interested in and what stage of the customer journey they are in.



Manage all of your Google or Facebook Ads campaigns bundled in HubSpot. Link the desired channel with HubSpot and measure the success of your campaigns directly.

Social Media

Social media

Laborious posting and analyzing of social media posts on the individual platforms is a thing of the past. Create posts for all channels in HubSpot and measure them there as well. You can compare the performance of all channels at a glance. Of course, you also have the option of scheduling your posts.

Formulare & Pop-Ups

Forms & pop-ups

Create static or pop-up forms that can be embedded both in HubSpot and external pages. The collected data and activities are stored in the respective contact profile in HubSpot.

Pop-ups can also be used without a form, for example as a teaser with a link to a specific page, for a file download or a calendar appointment.

Live-Chat & Bots

Live chat & chatbots

Offer your website visitors an uncomplicated channel through which they can reach you. The live chat enables direct communication with the user. Bots can be used to automatically request relevant information, such as the user's concerns and needs, before an employee contacts him or her.

An integration with other communication tools (e.g. Slack) is possible.



Do you already have systems that you would like to link to HubSpot? No problem. Many different solutions are already available in the App Marketplace: ERP, CRM, eCommerce solutions and much more. 

We are also happy to help you develop a custom solution that is tailored to your needs. Please feel free to arrange a non-binding appointment with us.

Pricing & Packages

The pricing for the Marketing Hub is depending on the functions and the number of contacts needed. We would like to help you figuring out the best suitable solution for you and your business. Get in touch with us.




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