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Do you wish to digitalize the CRM, internationalize your online shop, develop an app or re-arrange your whole marketing strategy? Ask our experts for advice! Even if you are already in the middle of a project and simply wish to improve and structure the status quo by using the right methods and supervision. 

Agile Coaching

Your projects often fail due to the strictness of pre-fabricated project plans, which do not leave any room for adjustments? Your customers are unhappy, since spontaneous changes in the project plan are not possible? Agile project coaching reacts with flexibility to different requirements: agile project coaching allows you to structure your tasks flexibly and meaningfully, while processes are continuously optimized. It is about driving a value-based approach and setting the right priorities during each state of the project. Agile project manager allow for a value oriented, high-quality and flexible organization of team and tasks. Our experienced coaches are happy to assist you.


Scrum Product Owner

Your developers are highly skilled and efficient, but when it comes to the prioritization and management of tasks, problems frequently occur? The stakeholders’ perspective often gets lost in daily project work? A product owner is responsible for organizing the work of the developer team as well as managing the backlog, in order to maximize a project‘s value. Professional product owners know how and where to create value and efficiency. Our experienced product owners have already led countless products to success. Get your own expert on board!



marketing manager

Your companies‘ marketing methods are continuously running along the same tracks for years without managing to be successful? Methods long since outdated are simply reproduced, be it because of operational blindness or because of low capacity?

In particular when introducing new marketing methods, switching to digital channels or exploring new markets, it is extremely helpful to get an external marketing manager on board. Countless successful customer projects speak for themselves – let us help you propel the success of your marketing campaigns!


scrum master

You wish to give your developer team a new, agile structure and consider working with Scrum? Competences and talents are on-board, but still complications regularly appear along the way? Once introduced, problem areas and weak points are hard to locate by the team itself. An external Scrum master brings a fresh breeze into your project. Since they are not part of everyday processes and thus bring along a certain kind of objective distance, points of conflict can be analyzed rationally and thus be disposed of. By ways of observation, advise and moderation, a scrum master tremendously increases the success of your projects. Our expertise through years of experience makes us the perfect choice for this role.


Businessman presenting new project to partners

Why W4?

For over 25 years, we have been advising our customers from different business areas. This includes the development of an efficient strategy, the technical and content-related realization as well as the analysis. Our team supports and advises you every step of the way  – from the conceptualization to the realization of a project. W4 is marketing meets IT expertise from one source.  


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