Marketing Consultancy Services

Our marketing consultancy services are designed to enhance your capabilities in people, processes, and platforms, enabling you to succeed in the digital landscape of today.

At W4, our cross-functional team seamlessly collaborates to assist you in building an adaptable and flexible organization that thrives in the ever-evolving and competitive environment of today.

Working alongside our marketing consultants, you can establish a clear direction for communication, efficient workflows, and streamlined processes within the Agile framework.

Whether you aim to digitize your CRM, expand your online shop internationally, develop an app, or revamp your entire marketing strategy, our strategic marketing consultancy services are here to help. Even if you find yourself in the midst of a project and simply seek to improve and structure the current state of affairs with the right methods and guidance, we can provide the necessary support.

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Marketing Operations Consultancy

Our marketing operations consultancy services focus on optimising and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your organisation’s marketing operations.

We work together with you to  analyse and streamline the processes, systems, and infrastructure used for your marketing activities. 

Our promise is to enhance your overall marketing performance, resource allocation, project management, and measurement of marketing efforts. 

With a focus to improve your organisation’s overall marketing infrastructure and operational capabilities, our consultants work on areas such as marketing strategy development, marketing technology implementation, data analysis, marketing automation, workflow optimization, and campaign management. 

At W4 marketing meets IT and this motto breaths live into our marketing operations by offering you guidance with:

checkHubSpot Platform Implementation

Our marketing operations consultants can assist in the setup and configuration of the HubSpot platform to align with your marketing objectives. This includes configuring contact databases, integrating with other systems (such as CRM platforms), setting up email templates, building landing pages, and creating automated workflows to streamline marketing processes.

checkHubSpot Portal Audits

HubSpot portal audits are a crucial aspect of marketing operations. Our consultants evaluate your HubSpot setup, data quality, campaign performance, workflows, integrations, and utilization. The audit helps us identify areas for improvement, optimize processes, enhance data quality, and maximize the value of HubSpot.

checkTraining and Knowledge Transfer

Our marketing operations consultants are HubSpot Agency Certified Trainers and can provide training sessions and workshops to educate your marketing team on best practices for using HubSpot effectively. They can empower your team to leverage the platform's features, optimize campaign performance, and measure marketing ROI.


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Digital Marketing Consultancy Services 

In addition to marketing operations, we also offer digital marketing consultancy. 
We bring a strategic approach to leveraging digital channels and technologies for marketing purposes. 

Our strategic approach to leveraging digital channels and technologies for marketing purposes encompasses various marketing strategies and tactics to promote your brand, product, or service in the digital realm.

We possess expertise in areas such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, digital advertising, website design and auditing services, and more.  

Our main objective is to develop and execute digital marketing campaigns that reach your target audience, drive website traffic, generate leads, increase conversions, and build brand awareness in the online space.

Inbound marketing consultancy services to bridge the gap between your brand and customers:

checkInbound Marketing Strategy Development

Our consultants work closely with your organization to develop an effective inbound marketing strategy aligned with your business goals. They identify target audiences, define buyer personas, and create content strategies to attract, engage, and convert prospects.

checkContent Creation and Optimization

W4 digital marketing consultants assist you in creating high-quality, relevant, and engaging content that aligns with your organization's target audience and objectives. This includes optimizing content for search engines, and creating compelling blog posts, eBooks, videos, and other formats to attract and nurture leads.

checkSEO and Social Media Marketing Strategy

We conduct keyword research, optimize website structure, and provide recommendations for on-page and off-page SEO techniques as well as develop strategies for utilising social media platforms effectively to promote content, engage with the target audience, and build brand awareness.  Our consultancy helps you  improve organic search visibility, rankings, and website traffic to generate qualified leads.



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Employer BrandingServices

Our Employer Branding Consultancy Services bring you solutions to enhance your employer brand and attract top talent. With a deep understanding of the dynamic job market and evolving workforce expectations, we employ a comprehensive approach to create compelling employer brands that resonate with prospective employees.

Our team of experienced consultants leverages data-driven insights and innovative strategies to craft authentic narratives that highlight your company's unique culture, values, and opportunities for growth. 

Contact us and learn how to effectively differentiate your company in the competitive landscape, foster employee engagement, and ultimately build a workforce of passionate and dedicated professionals.

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Strategic Marketing Consultancy Meets Agile Coaching

At W4, we bring the agile framework into play, setting us apart in the strategic marketing consultancy services landscape. Our range of services encompasses agile coaching, Scrum product ownership, marketing management, and Scrum mastery.

In agile coaching, we understand that rigid project plans often hinder success, leaving no room for adjustments. Our experienced coaches offer flexible and value-based approaches, optimising processes to drive meaningful outcomes.

Scrum Product Owners

Your developers are highly skilled and efficient, but when it comes to the prioritisation and management of tasks, problems frequently occur? The stakeholders’ perspective often gets lost in daily project work? A product owner is responsible for organising the work of the developer team as well as managing the backlog, in order to maximise a project‘s value. Professional product owners know how and where to create value and efficiency. Our experienced product owners have already led countless products to success. Get your own expert on board!

Agile Coaching

Your projects often fail due to the strictness of prefabricated project plans, which do not leave any room for adjustments? Your customers are unhappy, since spontaneous changes in the project plan are not possible? Agile project coaching reacts with flexibility to different requirements: agile project coaching allows you to structure your tasks flexibly and meaningfully, while processes are continuously optimised. It is about driving a value-based approach and setting the right priorities during each state of the project. Agile project managers allow for a value oriented, high-quality and flexible organisation of team and tasks. Our experienced coaches are happy to assist you.

Consulting Marketing Managers

Your companies‘ marketing methods are continuously running along the same tracks for years without managing to be successful? Methods long since outdated are simply reproduced, be it because of operational blindness or because of low capacity?

In particular when introducing new marketing methods, switching to digital channels or exploring new markets, it is extremely helpful to get an external marketing manager on board. Countless successful customer projects speak for themselves – let us help you propel the success of your marketing campaigns!

Scrum Masters

You wish to give your developer team a new, agile structure and consider working with Scrum? Competences and talents are on-board, but still complications regularly appear along the way? Once introduced, problem areas and weak points are hard to locate by the team itself. An external Scrum master brings a fresh breeze into your project. Since they are not part of everyday processes and thus bring along a certain kind of objective distance, points of conflict can be analysed rationally and thus be disposed of. By ways of observation, advice and moderation, a scrum master tremendously increases the success of your projects. Our expertise through years of experience makes us the perfect choice for this role.

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