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 If you want to do marketing in China, you can't do without WeChat! With its comprehensive functions, the popular messenger app has become an indispensable part of the lives of many Chinese. It offers enormous scope for various marketing measures. In addition to the classic sending of text, image, and video messages, a variety of marketing actions such as ticket sales, discount promotions, contests, in-app stores or games can be implemented via APIs. For both B2C and B2B marketing, the app is essential in China. Almost all B2B companies in China use WeChat as an important platform for marketing, lead generation, and CRM.

If you want to do sales in China, you can't do without WeChat as well! Since it has already been a habit of the Chinese to use WeChat for their life and work, it's also natural that Sales reps use WeChat to contact prospects or customers. WeChat's enterprise version WeCom offers a smooth communication experience, as well as various OA applications and over 200 APIs.  This brings the possibility of CRM synchronization between WeChat CRM and your choice of CRM.




Many companies, especially in the B2B sector, use HubSpot, the popular marketing automation platform including content management system and customer relationship management. Via the platform, all channels such as website, blog, email, and of course, social media can be maintained centrally from one tool. You can easily integrate social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Co. into the platform with a few clicks. This was not possible for WeChat until now. Our experienced developer team took on the challenge of developing a connector for WeChat to HubSpot to make it as easy as possible for customers to maintain this important app via HubSpot. It is a branch product of the W4 Wetomation ecosystem, designed specifically for marketing automation in China.

If you use HubSpot, Sales Hub, when it comes to the topic of a sales acquisition in China,  email is no longer where the communication happens the most, it is WeChat. From any perspective of CRM and Sales Pipeline management, it is important that the information from China could be also part of the data in HubSpot. The synchronization of sales contact and activities are now possible as well with our WeChat Connector thanks to our experienced developer.


The WeChat Connector enables the implementation of marketing and sales activities of the app centralized from a management system. In doing so, companies can concentrate their sales, marketing, and service in a central management system and each department can have access to the data relevant to them. The WeChat and WeCom CRM can be connected to the HubSpot CRM and managed in a centralized manner. Existing contacts in the app can be imported and new leads generated automatically enter your HubSpot CRM. High-performance analytic tools provide you with immediate and clear insights into the behavior of WeChat users. This way, you can always evaluate the optimal courses of action in a well-founded manner. You can also use a variety of templates for personalized marketing and WeChat QR code tracking from HubSpot. With the WeChat Connector, you get a better understanding of your WeChat marketing and Sales, and can evaluate ROI, conversion, retention, and much more in detail.



HubSpot CMS
HubSpot CMS

Use the Hubspot content management system to create and distribute your content via the WeChat app - all from one platform. All channels of modern digital content marketing can be managed through one software.

Flexible Templates
Flexible Templates

Take advantage of HubSpot's flexible templates that your marketing team can work with independently.

As a marketer, you have dynamic areas where you can drag and drop different elements.


You can easily add multilingual content via Hubspot and publish it via the WeChat app.



User Experience

Better evaluate the needs of WeChat users and improve the user experience. Provide users with targeted, personalized content that really interests them.

WeChat CRM

Bring your WeChat CRM together with your HubSpot CRM in one platform for complete reporting on your channels.

Your marketing, sales, and support teams will benefit from the comprehensive and clear analysis.


The integration provides you with all relevant figures of the app summarized in performant dashboards at a glance.

You get to know the user behavior of the app users better and can make informed decisions for successful marketing in China.


HubSpot Sales

Use HubSpot Sales to manage the CRM of WeChat, with transparent and shared information in HubSpot, help to integrate and apply your sales management plan in China.

Activity tracking

The conversation that happens between Chinese Sales reps and prospects/customers will be automatically synced to  HubSpot, including text messages, pictures, voice messages, files, and even emojis.

Pipeline Management

Better integration between China and your Company's overall pipeline management, clear reports on productivity, deals, revenue, and KPI.


Together as HubSpot partner, we form a strong team that is always at your side and also fulfills individual wishes. We look forward to cooperation.

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WeChat Marketing in China

More and more western companies recognize the potential of the Chinese market for themselves. However, in order to be successful in digital marketing in China, a strategy must be developed that meets the needs of people, trends, and specific target groups.

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