WeChat-HubSpot Integration for Marketing and Sales in China

Elevate your marketing and sales endeavors in China with the WeChat HubSpot Integration– the indispensable link between WeChat and HubSpot designed to seamlessly connect the multifaceted capabilities of these platforms.

In a landscape where WeChat is fundamental for marketing and sales, our integration acts as a vital bridge to enhance your outreach. We understand the significance of WeChat in Chinese users' lives, offering comprehensive functions that extend beyond traditional messaging.

Whether you're executing ticket sales, discount promotions, contests, or managing in-app stores and games through APIs, the WeChat HubSpot Integration empowers your marketing strategies.

As WeChat remains a cornerstone for both B2C and B2B marketing in China, our connector ensures effortless management and synchronization between WeChat CRM and your preferred CRM, facilitating lead generation and CRM integration seamlessly. Experience the synergy of WeChat and HubSpot with our innovative connector, unlocking unparalleled efficiency for your marketing and sales initiatives in the Chinese market.

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The Need For a WeChat Hubspot Integration

Our WeChat-HubSpot connector provides your business with a powerful tool for managing customer interactions, nurturing leads, and driving sales in the Chinese market. By integrating these two platforms, businesses can gain a holistic view of their customers, improve sales efficiency, and enhance customer engagement.

HubSpot serves as a cornerstone for many companies, and integrating WeChat into this comprehensive marketing automation platform has been a longstanding challenge. While HubSpot seamlessly consolidates channels like websites, blogs, emails, and various social media platforms, the absence of WeChat integration has been noticeable. Recognizing this gap, the W4 development team undertook the challenge of creating the WeChat HubSpot Connector.

Designed as a branch product within the W4 WeTomation ecosystem, this connector is specifically tailored for the intricacies of marketing automation in China.

WeChat is a pivotal communication channel in China, particularly in the context of sales acquisition, where it replaced traditional e-mail communication. Our WeChat Connector now facilitates the synchronization of sales contacts and activities with HubSpot, ensuring that crucial information from China seamlessly becomes a part of your data within the HubSpot platform. This innovative solution not only bridges the gap but also empowers businesses to maintain their WeChat presence effortlessly through HubSpot, revolutionizing the way companies manage their marketing and sales endeavors in the dynamic Chinese market.

Functionality of Our WeChat-HubSpot Integration

The WeChat Connector enables the implementation of marketing and sales activities of the app centralized from a management system. In doing so, companies can concentrate their sales, marketing, and service in a central management system and each department can have access to the data relevant to them. The WeChat and WeCom CRM can be connected to the HubSpot CRM and managed in a centralized manner. Existing contacts in the app can be imported and new leads generated automatically enter your HubSpot CRM. High-performance analytic tools provide you with immediate and clear insights into the behavior of WeChat users. This way, you can always evaluate the optimal courses of action in a well-founded manner. You can also use a variety of templates for personalized marketing and WeChat QR code tracking from HubSpot. With the WeChat Connector, you get a better understanding of your WeChat marketing and Sales, and can evaluate ROI, conversion, retention, and much more in detail.

HubSpot WeChat Integration Services


HubSpot CMS
Content Delivery

Generate and share content on WeChat via the HubSpot CMS and consolidate your content creation and distribution within a single dashboard.

Flexible Templates
Flexible Templates

Take advantage of HubSpot's flexible templates that your marketing team in China can work with independently.


Add multilingual content via Hubspot and publish it via the WeChat app.



Improve User Experience

Enhance end-user experience by unifying messaging, and delivering personalized content. Simplifying the user journey by streamlining support and transactions.

WeChat CRM

Bring your WeChat CRM together with your HubSpot CRM in one dashboard for complete owerview on your marketing channels. 


Make informed decisions when marketing to China by analyzing both WeChat and HubSpot figures on one unified dashboard.


HubSpot Sales

Effortlessly oversee your WeChat CRM directly from the HubSpot Sales Hub. Streamline your sales plan implementation in China and elevate your sales strategy.

Sales Process Overview

All interactions between your sales reps and prospects/customers are seamlessly synced to HubSpot. Text messages, pictures, voice messages, files, and yes, even emojis—all automatically integrated for a smoother and more efficient sales process.  

Pipeline Management

Achieve superior integration between your company's pipeline management systems. Our solution provides clear and comprehensive reports on productivity, deals, revenue, and KPIs. 

About W4

We are a dynamic Swiss company with a global presence, boasting offices across the globe from Switzerland and Germany to China and Pakistan. As a HubSpot Platinum Partner, we excel in providing cutting-edge solutions that bridge international business landscapes. Our expertise extends beyond borders, particularly in navigating the intricacies of marketing in China.

We take pride in developing innovative connectors like the WeChat HubSpot Connector, empowering businesses to seamlessly integrate and optimize their operations across diverse markets. With W4, experience a harmonious blend of Swiss precision, global reach, and a deep understanding of the Chinese market.

Elevate your international business strategies with W4 — where marketing meets IT!

WeChat marketing

WeChat Marketing in China

More and more western companies recognize the potential of the Chinese market for themselves. However, in order to be successful in digital marketing in China, a strategy must be developed that meets the needs of people, trends, and specific target groups.

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