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W4 has realized corporate communications projects since 1994. As full service agency, W4 provides print and digital communications from a single source. We take care of everything for you, from brand positioning to design to visual concept to everything else, our solutions guarantee targeted corporate communications on a high level for a heterogenous audience (stakeholders, business partners, press, clients, analysts, etc.).

We provide the followings services:

Corporate Design

The corporate design is part of a company's identity and includes everything related to how a business is perceived in the public. This includes the company's logo, printed papers, product design, website and much more. No matter if your are a startup or looking for a redesign – a company's brand identity is a main component of how the world looks at you.

Websites & Intranet

Websites were once used as a virtual business card. Today, websites offer many possibilities to influence the communication of a company. The success of a company's corporate communications often depends on its website. Besides the obvious benefit of making information available in a fast and uncomplicated manner, a well-designed website can contribute tremendously to a brand's image, especially if the website offers its visitors content with added value to keep them engaged.

Image Brochures

An image brochure shows your company and your competencies and transports the image you want to convey to the public. Previously considered absolutely essential, the image brochure is now seen as a supplement to the Internet presence, which in many areas still has a high raison d'être. The positive image of your company is strengthened and the perception of your company during customer visits is enriched by an additional element.


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Annual Reports

Communicating financial information is more important than ever. Not only analysts read annual reports. Smallholders want to know where they invest their money as well. What company has a vision for the future? What company is doing well financially?

These are question that are interesting to a wide range of people. Annual reports differ from other corporate communications in many regards. For once, it is directed at a very heterogeneous audience. Moreover, hardly any other publication is this significant internally as well.


Sustainability reporting is a management instrument for sustainable economic activity. As business, you present to the public as well as your staff how you take social responsibility. Besides many other effects, this will cultivate a positive reputation and authenticity.

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