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From its CRM, to CMS, Service and Sales Hubs, HubSpot offers a great variety of tools and features to help you scale your business. As a business owner, you might be asking yourself whether your HubSpot portal is appropriately configured and fully optimized to meet the specific requirements of your company

You might be wondering whether you have utilized all the available functions to make your workflows efficient, and your customers’ journey as smooth as possible.

Our HubSpot experts at W4 Hubspot Partner Agency are here to address all of these issues and more. In our portal reviews we take a look at your HubSpot portal and show you what has been used well so far and what could be optimized. Our goal is to make your work easier and to show you how to use the HubSpot software as profitably as possible. Automate and optimize processes, relieve your employees and above all: Offer your leads and customers an uncomplicated and positive user experience with your company. Happy customers will come back.



What Do W4 HubSpot Audit Services Involve?

A W4 HubSpot Portal audit typically involves a comprehensive review and analysis of your HubSpot account to ensure that it is set up correctly, optimized for your business needs, and aligned with best practices. Our team of experts will cover key areas such as account setup, contact management, marketing tools, sales tools, content management, reporting and analytics, workflows and automation, integration and data sync, as well as specific audits related to each Hub within HubSpot.

Additionally, we understand that every business is unique, and that's why we offer custom audits that are tailored to your specific business needs and requirements. By conducting in-depth discussions and kick-off calls with your team, we ensure that the audit focuses on areas that are most relevant and impactful for your organization. Our goal is to provide you with actionable insights and recommendations to maximize the value you derive from your HubSpot implementation.


What is a HubSpot portal audit?
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Marketing Hub Audit

Our Marketing Hub Audit will review the setup and usage of the tools in Marketing Hub with the scope of streamlining your marketing efforts. Depending on your needs, we might evaluate your email templates and automation, assess your lead generation and nurturing systems, evaluate the content of your blog and SEO optimization, and more.



Sales Hub Audit

During our Sales Hub Audit we will review the integration between Sales Hub and Marketing Hub for seamless lead handoff. We can also assess your Sales automation, contact and lead management, and reporting capabilities

Service Hub Audit

Our Sales Hub Auditing involves us evaluating the setup and configuration of your ticketing system for efficient customer support, reviewing the setup of customer feedback surveys and feedback management processes, and assessing the implementation and effectiveness of live chat and chatbots for customer engagement.


During a HubSpot CMS Hub Audit we assess website structure, themes, templates, and overall design, review SEO optimization, mobile optimization, and site performance. We also evaluate how the CMS Hub integrates with other HubSpot tools for seamless marketing and sales activities.


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