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Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular, whether in the B2B or B2C sector. From fashion and travel to technology products, software solutions and training courses, today's companies can use an online shop to quickly and efficiently sell products and services around the world while offering customers a digital shopping experience.

Two examples with the shop system of Magento

The shop system of Magento is the most widespread worldwide. W4 also works with this shop system, but not only: There are different shop systems, for example W4 also works with Shopify. It is always important to consider the individual case: Which shop system makes the most sense for which company? How large or small should the online shop be? What should be sold? W4 can advise you in these questions.

With the open source e-commerce platform Magento, W4 has already designed online shops for a wide range of customers. Most of all, Magento offers flexibility and simplicity in administration. For the nationally successful company Galenicare, W4 has set up and connected three online pharmacies. Find out in our reference story what challenges had to be overcome in this major project and what solutions the IT experts at W4 applied.

W4 has also set up an e-shop for the Tyco company. The e-shop covers everything from security solutions, fire protection and door call systems to everything that falls under fire and security technology. In this reference story you can read which customer-friendly features W4 has implemented in the online shop.

An online shop is suitable for almost every company

These two examples show: Almost any product or service can be offered via the Internet. Since Magento is an open source software, the setup can be adapted to the individual requirements of the customer. But an online shop must also be responsively designed. More and more users are online with their smartphones and tablets.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are the next step: technically speaking, it's a website or an online shop. They are mobile and therefore much more performant and easier to use. PWAs do not have to be installed on the mobile device like an app. With a PWA, excellent eCommerce storefronts can be created. Here is an overview of the advantages:

  • Users do not need to install anything on the mobile device
  • Companies can send push messages
  • Conversion rates are increased and bounce rates reduced
  • Increase of customer engagement
  • In contrast to a native app, a PWA allows web pages to be indexed and ranked in search engines
  • The front end is pleasantly designed and intuitive to use
  • A very fast loading time
  • The online shop is also available in offline mode

So a PWA Storefront makes sense if companies want to continue to reach their customers on mobile devices - better than ever before.

It is clear that an online store is a complex matter, whether as a complement to an existing local store or as the sole sales channel on the Internet. Let W4 advise you and learn more about the opportunities for your business. So that not only your customers benefit from an online shop, but also you as a company.

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Advantages of eCommerce for B2B and B2C

Advantages for your customers:

  • Simplicity and convenience
  • Opening hours: Around the clock
  • No waiting times at the cash desk
  • Orders possible at any time and independent of location
  • Shipping often free and within a few days
  • Prices can be directly compared
  • Convenient online payment options

Advantages for your company:

  • Lower costs: no need for personnel or store space
  • No restrictions by opening hours: Continuous sale
  • International sales opportunities
  • Retargeting
  • Collecting customer data
  • Personalized approach to customers
  • Automated ordering procedures and processes
  • Image improvement
  • Fast customer service
  • Breaking into new markets

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