HUBSPOT SALES HUB : Professional onboarding and consulting for enterprises

Control all sales activities in your HubSpot portal with the Sales Hub. Keep an eye on your turnover at all times, optimize and accelerate your sales cycles.

Automate your Sales Communication...

...without getting impersonal.

Personalized follow-up emails and reminders can be easily created and automated with sequences. So you can make sure to address your contact at exactly the right time. Sales mail templates, which can be created user-defined for various purposes, as well as snippets (prepared text modules that can be inserted at the push of a button), facilitate your work. A connection of HubSpot to your mail client (e.g. Outlook or Gmail) is possible as well as tracking of emails sent via them.

Keep an overview of the sales pipeline and turnover

The Deals tool allows you to set up multiple sales pipelines with user-defined phases. The deals created in these pipelines are linked to the contact and the company and therefore appear in these profiles. Furthermore, It is also possible to use different currencies.

Hubspot Sales Hub Solutions

Use the Meeting tool

The meeting function gives interested parties the opportunity to book a meeting with you quickly and easily, without having to contact you by phone. If a date is reserved, the list of selectable dates is updated automatically. If you link your own calendar with the tool, it will also always be up to date.

Book a meeting 1 Book a meeting 2


E-Mail Sequenzen

Email sequences

Create personalized and automated follow-up emails and reminders.

All emails can be scheduled.

E-Mail Templates & Snippets

Email templates & snippets

Use customized sales email templates that can be created for different purposes. An extensive library brings along prepared, ready-to-use templates. Snippets are text modules that can be inserted into the desired email at the push of a button.



The meeting tool grants the possibility to book a meeting with you directly. It can be integrated on websites or landing pages and linked to emails. It works with Google Calendar, Office 365, and HubSpot CRM Free.



Make calls directly via your browser. Your calls are logged in the CRM and can also be recorded if desired.

Automatisches Lead Scoring

Automated lead scoring

Prioritize the most promising prospects based on their interaction with your content and their profile data. A lead scoring process provides you the possibility to manage this whole process automatically.



Assign leads automatically and create tasks or deals via workflow. Workflows offer you a variety of applications in order to automize your internal processes.

Live-Chat & Chat-Bots

Live chats & chatbots

Offer your website visitors a straightforward channel to get in touch with you. The live chat enables direct communication. Bots can be used to ask the user's concerns and needs before an employee follows up with him.



Complement your e-mails with valuable information by attaching documents with additional content.

Reports & analytics

Reports & Analyse

Build custom reports and dashboards to keep track of your key KPIs.

Pricing & Packages

W4 - certified HubSpot Partner. Depending on the functions needed and the number of users, HubSpot offers different packages and pricing models. We would be happy to find the best suitable solution for you and your business. We are always happy to help you, so get in touch with us.


What is Sales Hub and what does it do?
Why is Hubspot Sales Hub important for business and how can it optimize sales processes?
How is Hubspot Sales Hub integrated with the existing systems, tools and data sources?
How can you help you implement, configure and use Hubspot Sales Hub to optimize and automate your sales processes?
How does your agency integrate training and onboarding into the HubSpot Sales Hub implementation?


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