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Imagine your website as a storefront on a bustling street.

You want it to be seen, you want it to be inviting, and ultimately, you want it to attract customers. But how can you improve it if you don't know what needs fixing?

An SEO audit from W4 is the essential first step in any effective SEO collaboration.

It's like having our team of SEO professionals – experts in all areas from technical SEO to content strategy and digital PR – walk through your storefront, pointing out areas that could be improved for better visibility and customer flow.

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Just like you wouldn't try to fix a car without a proper diagnosis, you can't optimize your website for search engines without understanding its strengths and weaknesses. An SEO audit from W4 acts as that diagnostic tool, providing a detailed breakdown of your website's health from a search engine's perspective.  This translates into concrete recommendations – a roadmap to optimize your website for search results, crafted by our in-house SEO specialists. This can include anything from improving the clarity of your content to ensuring your website loads faster, and even developing a data-driven content strategy to attract your target audience.

A successful SEO audit is about more than just search engine rankings. It's about creating a website that resonates with your target audience. By addressing technical issues and optimizing your content, you'll create a more user-friendly experience. This not only improves your chances of converting visitors into customers but also shapes how your audience perceives your online business. A well-optimized website projects professionalism, expertise, and trustworthiness – all crucial elements for building a strong online presence. So, take the first step towards SEO success – schedule your SEO audit today and unlock the true potential of your website.


How our SEO audit works

Technical Audit

A technical audit acts like a checkup for your systems, revealing hidden issues that can snag performance, security, or even revenue. It helps identify weaknesses and inefficiencies, allowing you to optimize operations, save costs, and ensure things are running smoothly. Think of it as a chance to identify and fix potential problems before they cause bigger headaches down the road.


AdobeStock_675778885Precision Targeting

We meticulously analyze your titles and meta descriptions to ensure they accurately reflect your business  and target the right terms for maximum search engine impact.

AdobeStock_675779821 Content Quality

Our in-depth content audit evaluates the quality and relevance of your website's content, identifying areas for improvement and ensuring it resonates with your target audience.

AdobeStock_445083368Duplicate Content Removal

We identify duplicate content, which can confuse search engines and hinder your ranking potential.


On-Page SEO Audit


An on-page SEO audit supercharges your content for search engines. It helps target the right audience with relevant keywords, improves readability and user experience, and identifies gaps to create a more comprehensive website. This all leads to a brighter spot in search results.


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Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

Your title tags and meta descriptions are like billboards for each of your webpages. An on-page SEO audit acts like a design expert for these billboards.  The audit analyzes these crucial elements for clarity, conciseness, and keyword relevance. Just like a well-designed billboard grabs attention, clear and concise titles with relevant keywords will make your pages more attractive to searchers, potentially leading to more clicks.

Site Architecture

A website's architecture is like its roadmap. An on-page SEO audit assesses your website's structure and internal linking to ensure optimal user navigation and search engine understanding. Just like a clear roadmap helps people find their destination easily, a well-structured website with clear internal linking helps users navigate your content intuitively and allows search engines to crawl and understand your website efficiently.

Image Audits

Images are powerful tools for engagement, but they can also be missed opportunities if not optimized. An on-page SEO audit acts like a translator for your images. We ensure images have proper alt text descriptions, which describe the image content for visually impaired users and search engines that can't "see" the image itself. Additionally, the audit checks image size, ensuring they load quickly. This not only improves accessibility but also helps with SEO, as fast loading pages rank better.


Content Audit

Struggling to get your website seen in search results? An SEO audit is your key to unlocking the full potential of your content.

Our comprehensive analysis dives deep into your website, revealing hidden opportunities to improve its search engine ranking and user experience. An SEO audit equips you with the knowledge and direction to make informed improvements. It's the roadmap to a stronger online presence, attracting more visitors and achieving your website's goals.

Index Composition Audit

Our index composition audit analyzes the content makeup of your website.

This audit identifies areas where your content might be lacking or could be expanded upon.  It helps you uncover hidden sections of your index brimming with untapped potential! 

With this valuable insight, you can make informed decisions about content creation and optimization, ensuring your website offers a comprehensive and engaging experience for visitors.

Topical Authority Check

Is your website a trusted authority in your industry?  

Our topical authority check evaluates your website's standing within your niche. The audit analyzes factors like keyword rankings and topic coverage to paint a clear picture of your website's authority. 

This knowledge empowers you to develop a targeted content strategy that establishes your website as the go-to source for information in your field, attracting valuable leads and boosting your brand reputation.

Content Performance Audit

You've invested time and resources into your content, but is it delivering optimal results?  

Our performance analysts  meticulously assess how well your existing content is performing. The audit analyzes metrics like user engagement, search ranking, and conversion rates to pinpoint areas for optimization.

This allows you to refine your existing content to maximize its effectiveness, ensuring it attracts the right audience, converts visitors into leads, and delivers a strong return on investment (ROI).


Local Presence Audit (if applicable)

Attracting local customers is crucial for many businesses. But with so much competition online, how can you ensure your business is visible to the people searching for your products or services nearby?  A local presence audit is your secret weapon. 

Investing in a local presence audit is an investment in the future of your business. It's a proactive step towards attracting more local customers, boosting your online reputation, and achieving long-term success in your local market.



Brand mentions Audit

We track online mentions of your brand, even if they don't link back to your website.

This gives you a complete picture of how people are talking about your brand online, allowing you to identify trends, address concerns, and capitalize on positive sentiment.

Performance of Branded Searches

A performance of branded searches audit acts like a spotlight, analyzing how your website performs in searches for your brand name.  This audit dives deep into search engine results pages (SERPs) to see how your website ranks for branded keywords.  By identifying areas for improvement, you can ensure your website is the first and most prominent result when people search for your brand, strengthening your brand identity and online presence.

Google My Business Profile Audit

A GMB profile audit gives you insights into how to optimize your Google My Business profile to attract local customers.  The audit analyzes factors like profile completeness, keyword optimization, customer reviews, and photo quality.  By optimizing your GMB profile, you increase your local search visibility, showcase positive customer experiences, and ultimately drive more foot traffic (or online sales) to your business.

Uncover Hidden Potential: What You Gain from Our SEO Audit

Our SEO audit goes beyond a simple report – it's a roadmap to unlocking your website's true potential in search results. Through a deep analysis of your website against key SEO factors, we deliver clear and actionable insights.

What's Included:

Comprehensive Findings: You'll receive a detailed report comparing your website's current state to its SEO ideal. This highlights areas for improvement and prioritizes recommendations for action.

Data-Driven Roadmap: Our audit translates insights into a concrete implementation plan. It empowers you to address weaknesses and capitalize on opportunities to achieve your SEO goals and climb search rankings.

No Obligation to Implement: While W4 offers a full suite of SEO services, including development and content creation, booking an audit doesn't lock you into further commitments. You have the flexibility to use our findings to guide your own SEO strategy or explore further collaboration with us.


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