You cannot imagine content marketing without moving images nowadays. And that is for good reason. Not only does the dynamic of a film attract more attention than a still image, but a film is also the simplest method of portraying complicated, dry or hard-to-grasp topics to the viewer in an entertaining, quick and attractive way.

W4 draws attention to your company, your products and services.

Service Video

Videos are a great way to offer clients an entertaining and useful low-threshold service.

W4 client project: Mettler Toledo


Image film

Whether it is your staff, production processes or possible applications – a corporate film is far more effective than photography. Get (possible) client's attention by engaging them in an entertaining and informative experience.

W4 client project: Schaffner Shanghai


Sales Demo Video

Print brochures are part of any sales equipment. Increase sales opportunities by replacing your most important brochures with videos.

W4 client project: Mettler Toledo


Video message

Reach your audience in a meaningful way. Whether it is a CEO's report on current situations, a new strategy or a restructuring process – video messages are the way to go.

W4 client project: CEO-Porträt



Transporting a certain atmosphere is one of the trickiest things to do in communication. Mood films are vital in order to engage the client in your world.

W4 client project: Hotel Ambiance


W4 3D Visualizations


To direct clients' attention towards products and services, classic photography has become inefficient. It is all about eye-catchers in order to differentiate yourself from the competition. Aside from video content, high-end 3D visualizations have come to play a vital role. Realized professionally, they make your product a real attention getter – either on your web site, in ads or presentations.

Learn more about our 3D visualizations


We develop a personalized concept for you. The realization includes a professional design and animation.

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