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For medium-sized and large companies, exhibitions, trade fairs and congresses are highlights of the financial year. They serve to present new products and innovations. Product managers and sales ensure that new orders and customers are generated.  Companies use the digital showroom as their own event format for potential customers who were not reached at the trade fair or as an alternative to cancelled trade exhibitions. 

Open 24/7: Your ShowROOM on the web  

The Digital Showroom is a virtual presentation room developed by W4, in which products can be presented, discussed and new contacts can be made. Innovations are presented as images, 2/3D animation, text, voice and video. Exhibitors thus have the opportunity to address the professional clientele independently with company-owned virtual trade fair events. They can use the films, animations and presentations prepared for the trade fair stands to generate new business and also use additional digital presentation and interaction options.  



The Digital Showroom has four virtual rooms
designed to present products on demand and live.

Showroom product exhibition
Showroom knowledge base

Product Exhibition 

Present your products with pictures and descriptions just like at the real fair.


Library as a Knowledge Base

Provide complete information about the products: SharePoint, YouTube, Confluence, Blog, PDF, SAP, Dropbox, Easy Software


Showroom coffee corner
Showroom live conference

Coffee Corner

Exchange information with customers and interested parties in the virtual lounge. This is where you generate your leads via: Chat, Quiz, Webex/Zoom/Skype, MS Teams/Slack, HubSpot/Pardot.


Live Conference

Invite your customers and contacts to special product launches or other events directly into the showroom area.

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Combine the proven features of the real trade show with the advantages of the digital world! 


Interactive presentation format
  • Image-based, dynamic product presentation in the virtual exhibition stand
  • Visitors experience the space as they would at a real exhibition stand
  • Product description by click or mouse-over
  • Links to the website etc.

Dynamic enhancements
  • For new products
  • Information material
  • Contact details
  • Features of the entire showroom

24/7 Presentation mode
  • Access independent of opening hours
  • Access independent of virtual presence of the exhibitors
  • No "overcrowded" exhibition stands - every visitor stands in the first row

Advanced digital campaigns
  • Generate new leads online in digital campaigns
  • Customer loyalty/ generating new business
  • Tracking and use of KPI


Networked digital communication
  • Presentation and networking of digital communication channels in the digital showroom
  • Inquiries directly via contact form

Supporting the sales process
  • Multimedia presentation possibilities for new launched products or bestsellers
  • Various forms of presentation that are suitable for the various stages of the customer journey (awareness, motivation, evaluation, sales)

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Our Digital Showroom solution is currently available at a monthly price. You can start with the basic solution and add all the extras you need. Depending on the period, you will benefit from a price advantage.

Advantages of hosting in the cloud

  • Immediate access to current features
    with automatic upgrades
  • No servers, no storage, no maintenance -
    we host your showroom for you.

Simple instant cloud hosting AND on-premise options.

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Cloud Hosting

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Self-managed Hosting



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