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Medical education, conferences and e-learning offers
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Jobs for doctors and nurses, practice assistants and other medical professionals
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Drug encyclopedia with specialist and patient information as well as price comparison

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Medical summaries of scientific studies, congresses and webinars
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Medical and CME-certified e-learning offers for doctors

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Advent Calendar


An online advent calendar provides a high reach, new leads and gives you access to customers who are sometimes inactive and can be addressed with further content at a later date. For existing, active customers, the online advent calendar offers a nice change of pace during the Christmas season and positions your brand.

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Bet Game


The World and European Football Championships are a big highlight for many. Use the championships for your marketing. Where many emotions and transnational interest across all target groups come together quite naturally, you as a company should not miss out! The big players are leading the way and now you can join in.

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Easter Game

Do you still remember Easter in your childhood? We don't want to deprive adults of this anticipation and the fun of searching: Surprise your employees and (potential) customers with a professionally designed online Easter game that brings a smile every day, individually and according to your wishes and target groups.
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Halloween Game

Halloween is only for children? No way! Your customers and employees will also enjoy a little change on gloomy autumn days and the opportunity to go from house to house, at least digitally, and claim "Trick or Treat" - in the form of entertaining competitions or great prizes in a spooky Halloween look.
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Sales Casino


With the online game Sales Casino developed by W4, you can boost competition in the sales team, create attractive incentives for sales promotion in a playful way and offer your employees a fun change of pace. Although each team member plays for himself, the online game acts as a common denominator and an exciting topic of conversation.

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Memory Game

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Your target group matches pairs while you gather valuable leads! As a professionally developed gamification solution, the memory game turns a family pastime into a marketing campaign. Challenge your target group to a playful brain exercise - and position your brand message in your recognisable corporate design.
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CommunityNet™ is a complete website for municipalities and offers an online system that meets all the requirements of a municipality. You save on maintenance costs and get an individual presence on the internet through a free design.

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Digital Showroom & Exhibition Apps

The Digital Showroom is a virtual presentation room developed by W4 in which products can be presented, discussed and contacts made. The presentation of innovations is possible as images, 2/3D animation, text, voice and video. Exhibitors thus have the opportunity to address the trade public with their own virtual trade fair event.
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Touch is an important part of human intuition. Touchscreens address exactly this need. They motivate visitors more than a simple brochure because they offer them an intuitive experience. We have developed a solution that allows you to build and configure your content as easily as with a CMS.
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To reach potential customers regardless of time and place, a digital exhibition stand is the ideal solution. Whether 2D or 3D, we enable you to create an interactive virtual exhibition stand that offers visitors a real experience. Numerous assets such as videos, PDF files, video conferences, forms and many other functions can be integrated. 
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W4's WeTomation streamlines WeChat-centric marketing for companies in China, offering seamless integration, lead management, and analytics for agile responses in a rapidly evolving market.

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WeChat-HubSpot Connector


WeChat to HubSpot connector, part of the W4 Wetomation ecosystem, tailored for streamlined marketing automation in China.

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