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In 2021 and beyond, people at tradeshows and expos expect at least one, if not several touch screen exhibition devices. If you’re a tradeshow exhibitioner, understanding how to implement touch screens into your booth will be vital. A touch screen also gives you the option to showcase more products than you may have directly on display. And as for your customers, it will make a more memorable impression than simply taking a catalog due to the interactive nature of using a touch screen.

More use cases

Touchscreen devices in your office reception

Give your visitors an interactive way to learn more about your company directly when they arrive. Touch Screen Tablet devices will engage them to learn more while they wait.

Further industries that benefit from W4’s touch screen info point solution

A digital receptionist at offices and waiting rooms or any type
Museums and gallery exhibitions
Portfolio presentations
Speaker and practical info station during seminar events

Why use touchscreen

Touch is an important part of human intuition. People love to touch things and feel them with their hands. Touchscreens address exactly this need. They motivate visitors more than a simple brochure because they offer them an intuitive experience.

How does it work

At W4, we have a created a solution that you can build and configure in the same way you would a website content management system. You can then load it onto a Tablet or a Large touch screen display, and use it completely offline or online, on any screen.


TouchScreen Infopoint


Showcase a lot of products

If your catalog is 1 or 1000 products, you can easily showcase everything in one place.

All info in one place

Not only pictures and description – access extra information like PDF brochures.

Designed for Touch

Custom designed interface to make it easy and fun for people to experience your offer, without feeling overwhelmed by too much information.


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