Reverse Proxy Services

Unlock Secure and Optimized Web Access with Our Reverse Proxy Services

To successfully operate digital marketing in China, Western companies need to develop a strategy tailored to local trends and the peculiarities of the target audience.

However, one major challenge the Chinese market faces is the difficulty in accessing European web pages. The challenge is that the required data has to travel a distance from the server to the user. This is where reverse proxy comes in.

Reverse Proxy Services

What is A reverse proxy?

A reverse proxy is a server or application that sits in front of web servers or back-end applications, intercepting client requests and forwarding them to these applications. It acts as a go-between forwarding multiple client content requests to different servers spread across the internet.

The purpose of these reverse proxy servers is to boost security, reliability, and general performance. Its major duties include:

  • To receive users' connection requests.
  • Complete TCP three-way handshake, terminating the initial connection
  • Connect directly with the server and forward the original request.

Benefits of using reverse proxy 

Load Balancing
Global Servers Load Balancing (GSLB)
Integration With Alibaba Cloud

W4 is one of the best companies providing high-end technology services tailored to the needs of customers. As more and more companies realize the need for a reverse proxy server, our product provides Chinese internet users with fast access while protecting the server from cyber-attacks. Our 'Reverse Proxy' product is designed to provide significant support to both enterprise servers and users. Whether it is a small, medium, or large business, we provide Western companies with a digital presence in China with high website performance and security. In addition, to reverse proxy services, W4 also offers website creation services. This makes us an all-in-one company that can provide both.

With more than 25 years of experience and as an official partner,
we offer services for various products and tools,
including HubSpot, Drupal, WordPress, and Typo3.

Our team of experts can support you in 360 degrees, both in terms of development and marketing.

Find out more on our free whitepaper! 

Reverse Proxy Services


Sarah Wilhelm
Sarah Wilhelm
Managing Director W4
+41 44 562 49 39
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Shuting Fu
Shuting Fu
Business Development CN
+86 13811800095
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Ting and her team has been helping p44 China marketing including WeChat, event execution, give away production, Digital ads/SEO. What I would like to appreciate is that everyone of W4 team is really closely working with p44 China field marketing person to support him every single day! I am looking forward to continuous collaboration for next year (I would love to drive more digital area for next year). Thank you!


W4 is a very good and trusted partner, they can complete and deliver the work in time in projects such as WeChat Marketing, Exhibition Marketing and Baidu Marketing by their expertise. We‘re looking forward to the future cooperation with W4 in other digital marketing projects.

Gene Yu

A very reliable partner
We have been working with W4 for since middle 2022. We started to implement HubSpot as Marketing Automation Platform and develop integration projects to different CRMs with wechat in local. During this period, W4 always helps us to optimize our digital processes, including setup the wechat account, develop the contents and use wechat connector to optimize the way of working in HubSpot. Whenever we made a new request, they will deliver the work promptly and at a high standard, including to help the team to understand better of HubSpot. We enjoy working with them and look forward to continue the co-op in the comnig years! I can highly recommend W4 as a partner!

Services provided
Custom API integrations

Vivian Tong

Excellent and Smooth project
W4 Marketing did a great job in all website projects that we had. They deliver timely and provide excellent expertise. Great work! We would find them to help other digital activities.

Services provided
Website development, website migration, and website design

Anson L.

highly professional agency
We are more than happy to have W4 as our partner for our new website. They are highly professional, experts in digital marketing and most important: they know how to lead a challenging project. We appreciate this partnership and can recommend W4 as an excellent partner.

Services provided
Website design and website development

Christian C.

email automation
Team is quick and has a great knowledge in marketing automation! We had a complicated hybrid campaign going on in EMEA, LATAM, APAC and USA with physical events and it was rolled out smoothly and professional.

Services provided
Email marketing

Laura M.

Tolles erstes Projekt
Kurzfristig ein erstes Projekt gemeinsam umgesetzt. Hat toll geklappt. Freue mich auf weitere gemeinsame Projekte.

Tandem IMS
Carla G.

Gerne wieder
In zwei Runden vom Kickoff zur Problemlösung - zügig offeriert und in einem Sprint umgesetzt. Hat Spass gemacht - freue mich auf das vierte Projekt mit euch ;-)

Jürg H.

Trusted and efficient partner for digital marketing!
We have been working with W4 for almost a year. During this period, they always bring us new ideas, helping us to optimize our digital campaigns. They also show strong flexibility and efficiency. Whenever we made a new request, they will deliver the work promptly and at a high standard. We enjoy working with them and look forward to our next projects!

Stephanie C.

Perfect Partner for our Marketing needs
I have known W4 since the beginning of my marketing career. In various companies I had the opportunity to work with the great W4 team. I am extremely pleased that we are currently working on numerous marketing projects together again. The handling of the projects and the quality of the work is always a pleasure. I have complete confidence in the abilities of W4.

Sandra P.
I found the cooperation with W4 very helpful and goal-oriented. Communication was sometimes a little difficult, as most of the information had to be communicated via e-mail. I find the new website much more appealing than the old one and it has also become easier to use. The style of the website has also become much better.

Kellerhals Carrard
Demi R.

Sehr gute Zusammenarbeit
Wir arbeiten seit vielen Jahren mit der W4. Die Zusammenarbeit ist immer sehr angenehm, die W4 ist sehr kompetent und flexibel.

KVA Turgi
Peter E.

Sehr gute Zusammenarbeit
Über mehrere Jahre hat sich eine gute und kollegiale Zusammenarbeit mit W4 entwickelt. Ich kann W4 als Partner sehr empfehlen!

Olivier Kilchherr

Zuverlässig, kompetent, zielgerichtet & innovativ
W4 ist seit über 10 Jahre unser verlässlicher Partner im Bereich des digitalen Marketings und in der Geschäftsberichtserstellung. Im Laufe der Jahre haben wir zusammen an verschiedenen Projekten gearbeitet, welche stehts zuverlässig, kompetent, zielgerichtet und vor allem sehr innovativ umgesetzt wurden. Ich kann W4 als Partner sehr empfehlen! Gern möchte ich mich hier für die tolle Zusammenarbeit beim ganzen W4-Team bedanken, es war mir immer eine Freude!

Frank C. Almer

Flexible Profis
W4 unterstützt uns in sämtlichen Marketingthemen als kompetenter, lösungsorientierter Partner. Kurze Kommunikationswege, rasche Resultate und ein offener Dialog machen die Zusammenarbeit sehr wertvoll für uns.

Marina Stettler

Profis im Marketing
Viel Kompetenz zum Marketing, speziell Content Marketing etc. Und tolle engagierte Mitarbeitende ;-)

Patrick Bossard

Mit W4 in die digitale Zukunft des Marketings
W4 ist schon seit über 2 Jahren unser verlässlicher Partner im Bereich des digitalen Marketings & Marketing-Automation . Die Zusammenarbeit ist stehts professionell und zielorientiert. Projekte werden mit Drive und Motivation angegangen. Zudem wird auf kurzfristige Anfragen und Wünsche stehts eingegangen. Ideen werden ernst genommen und Inputs konsequent umgesetzt. Daher kann ich W4 als Partner wärmstens empfehlen!

Aleksandar Rakic

Trusted partner for our internet presence
We work with W4 for all our internet activities for more than 5 years. During that time they have proven to be a true partner with quick response times, innovating ideas and reliable service. While they effectively focus on your daily needs they still keep an eye on the bigger picture and help us to continuously improve our business.

MVZ Radiologie Karlsruhe
Prof. Dr. Henrik Michaely

Angenehme Zusammenarbeit
Die Zusammenarbeit mit W-4 gestaltet sich sehr professionell und ist unkompliziert!

Adam Barta

Great online Hubspot workshop for our students
The workshop with W4 Marketing was a great introduction for our students to CRM and Hubspot. Due to Convid-19, we had to hold the class online but Sarah was open to the change of plan so we were still able to address this very important topic in our course. Many thanks.

FH Graubünden
Eliane Lörtscher

Marketing and Communications
We've been working with this company for a couple of years. Services are always very professional and fast. Good job!

Joachim Greuter

Unparalleled Technology Partner
W4 has been an incredible partner for us as a Digital Marketing Agency, providing fast, reliable, and consistent technical and IT developer solutions. From building a Web App to creating flawless APIs, W4 is a unique partner in that they can execute highly technical IT tasks with full competence of a marketing perspective. We are always impressed with their thorough attention to detail and creative approach to providing solutions. W4 has enabled us to discover technical workarounds within Hubspot we did not even think would be possible! We look forward to continuing to work with W4 on our future projects!

MediaBros. GmbH
Ashley Gehrig-Alioto

Kompetentes, flexibles Team!
Wir arbeiten bereits mehrere Jahre erfolgreich mit W4 im Bereich Digital / Social Media Marketing zusammen. Das Team ist kompetent, innovativ und reagiert flexibel auf sich ändernde Anforderungen.

Arndt Hoffmann

Flexibler und effizienter Websiteentwickler
W4 unterstützt uns beim Unterhalt (Updates) sowie bei der Weiterentwicklung der Typo3-Webseite. Zudem reagieren sie schnell und haben immer eine Lösung, um ein Problem zu beheben oder eine neue Funktion einzubinden.

Meyer Burger
Simon Flück

Eine Agentur W(ie)4 me gemacht!
Es ist eine Freude mit der W4 zu arbeiten, die Zusammenarbeit verläuft reibungslos und ist sehr positiv. Anfragen, Ideen und kurzfristige Wünsche werden zeitnah beantwortet und umgesetzt. Sollte es zu Diskrepanzen kommen, werden diese offen besprochen und zusammen optimiert. Was ganz schön ist, das Team steht geschlossen zueinander und unterstützt sich gegenseitig und den Kunden.

Mustafa Öksüz

Fast and Friendly Service
Within only 2-3 days, my request has been edited in a very professional way. I like the easy handling of the W4 online portal to upload and therefore easily share contents. I'm looking forward to our next cooperation.

Jasmin Döbeli

Very competent partner for online communication
We have been working with W-4 for several years and are very happy with their work for us. The team is very competent and we get everything on time. They help us with great ideas for our international business.

Monique Inderbitzin

Die Kommunikation ist effizient und die Zusammenarbeit mit W4 ist sehr angenehm. Mit dem breiten Marketingwissen der W4 wird Mehrwert für M+R Spedag Group generiert.

Benno Hägler, Head of Sales Switzerland

W4 is a very good team, they always think on behalf of the customer and would react very fast to customer requirements and tasks .

Stephanie Su



Services provided
Website development

Ma Tank

We have come to rely very heavily on W4 and their knowledge and work in the B2B sector in China. They have come to know our business extremely well and have become a valued and trusted partner.

Anna Garcia

W4 kann viel...

... und das ausgezeichnet! Unsere Kunden - somit auch wir - profitieren von der Zusammenarbeit mit W4. Wir freuen uns auf eine lange und erfolgreiche Partnerschaft.

Services provided
Website design, website migration, website development, and crm implementation

Tischler Reisen AG
Roland Hajdu

Perfect Partner

We have been working with W4 for since January 2020. We started to implement HubSpot as Marketing Automation Platform and develop integration projects to different CRMs of our subsidiaries. Later on we migrated our website from Typo3 to HubSpot CMS. During this period, W4 always bring us new ideas and helps us to optimize our digital processes. Whenever we made a new request, they will deliver the work promptly and at a high standard. We enjoy working with them and look forward to our next projects! I can highly recommend W4 as a partner!

Services provided
Custom API integrations, website migration, search engine optimization, and paid advertising

Markus Hartmann

Überzeugender Partner – seit vielen Jahren
Seit mehr als 7 Jahren habe ich mit dem Team von W4 einen verlässlichen Partner für professionelle Unterstützung im Marketing Bereich. Immer kompetent, immer lösungsorientiert, immer top motiviert. Ich spreche nicht viele Empfehlungen aus, aber bei diesem Team kann ich das mit ruhigem Gewissen tun.
Warum? Wenn man bekommt, was man bestellt, nennt man das zuverlässig. Hier bekommt man, was man bestellt und ein kleines Extra mit einer Prise „Lächeln“ dazu – das nenne ich zuverlässig begeisternd.

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