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W4 Agency has been providing TYPO3 solutions since the year 2003. TYPO3 is a free open source content management system. It is tailored to the needs of larger organizations for the Internet, Intranet and Extranet.

TYPO3 includes functions and modules as well as a sophisticated extension interface. W4 can thus easily provide their customers with a wealth of additional features. More than 700 extensions are available worldwide; W4 is itself an extension developer.

typo3 agency

Our services

  • Acceptance of existing sites in TYPO3
  • Development of TYPO3 extensions
  • Realization of TYPO3 CMS solutions
  • Website design
  • Typo3 hosting
  • Rapid web publishing


Low initial costs
Initial costs are minimized with the open source licensing model of TYPO3: there are no licenses for users of the system.


Satisfied customers like to come back and become partners.

Sehr gute Zusammenarbeit
Wir arbeiten seit vielen Jahren mit der W4. Die Zusammenarbeit ist immer sehr angenehm, die W4 ist sehr kompetent und flexibel.

KVA Turgi
Peter E.

Flexibler und effizienter Websiteentwickler
W4 unterstützt uns beim Unterhalt (Updates) sowie bei der Weiterentwicklung der Typo3-Webseite. Zudem reagieren sie schnell und haben immer eine Lösung, um ein Problem zu beheben oder eine neue Funktion einzubinden.

Meyer Burger
Simon Flück

Very competent partner for online communication
We have been working with W-4 for several years and are very happy with their work for us. The team is very competent and we get everything on time. They help us with great ideas for our international business.

Monique Inderbitzin

Your Contact

Jens Zscheile
Jens Zscheile
Solutions Engineer
+41 44 562 49 42


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How do you communicate and collaborate with your clients throughout the development process and what tools do you use?
How do you provide support and maintenance for the websites you develop with Typo3 after the completion of the project?
How do you handle Typo3 migrations to ensure compatibility and functionality of the websites?
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