To direct clients' attention towards products and services, classic photography has become inefficient. It is all about eye-catchers in order to differentiate yourself from the competition. Aside from video content, high-end 3D visualizations have come to play a vital role. Realized professionally, they make your product a real attention getter – either on your web site, in ads or presentations.

3D Animation

Cast the best light on your product or service – a 3D visualization or computer animation is the way to do it. A photo-realistically rendered and animated 3D model allows for a detailed presentation in all styles. Furthermore, animations present a customer-friendly way to simulate the whole range of functions. A presentation that enthralls clients!

W4 client project: Mettler Toledo - Product Brand Film

Replace classic photography with optimized 3D product visualizations. This will make any product brochure, ad and exhibition stand a high-end eye-catcher.

W4 client project: Nobel Biocare – Product Fotography



Creative Visualization in 3D

Professionally realized 3D visualisations make your offer an eye-catcher - whether on your website, in ads or presentations. A photorealistic rendered and animated 3D model allows a detailed presentation in all versions. 3D visualizations can be used in many ways.

  • 3D product images
  • 3D creative visualizations
  • 3D product presentations
  • 3D Trade Fair Design

W4 client project: Zumbach



3D Product Presentation

The quality of presentations plays a big part in sales processes. Content and visualization have to harmonize!

Marketing Automation Landingpage.jpg

W4 client project: Paro - Product Film


We develop a personalized concept for you. The realization includes a professional design and animation.

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