recruit top talents with EMPLOYER BRANDING despite skills shortage

The shortage of skilled labor is and will continue to be an issue in many industries. And because of this, the marketing of vacancies has become more and more essential. Traditional job adverts only reach a fraction of potential applicants nowadays. Online career platforms are increasingly falling behind as well. How then are you getting your job offers in front of talents' eyes? - We show you how!

W4 supports you in your recruiting process. We develop a human resources marketing concept tailored to your target group. Doing so, we consider both short-term and long-term communication goals to lay the groundwork for a sustainable recruiting strategy.

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Developing and realizing apposite HR marketing concepts
In order to thoroughly take advantage of your recruiting potentials, you need a well-balanced mix of communication channels and marketing tools to reach your target groups.

Developing and realizing viral marketing concepts
Viral marketing methods are an ideal way to make a broad audience aware of your job offering. A creative postcard campaign with a QR code directly linking to your job advert; local, national or international billboards; appealing short films that are being shared on social media – the possibilities are endless! In the end, it is about one thing: get talents' attention!

Developing and realizing apposite Google AdWords campaigns
The path towards a new job starts at Google for more and more people. For companies seeking fresh talent, this means that they should make themselves known right where talents begin their journey. One way to make this happen is Google AdWords, another to appear in the first few search results. In order to achieve the latter, your website should be optimized for search engines (SEO).

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Publishing job adverts in all relevant on- and offline channels

  • Xing
  • Online ads
  • LinkedIn
  • Landingpages
  • Career blog
  • Print ads
  • Career web pages
  • Twitter
  • Online job boards
  • Facebook

Creating, optimizing and managing social media channels
The future generation of employees is currently in school, at a university or doing an apprenticeship. When they have completed their education or training, they will have many job offers to choose from. Considering this, it is important to make them aware of your business before this happens. And of course it is important to get their attention where they actually spend their time – on social media.

Career apps (iOs, Android) and responsive web design
When hunting for a job, people are increasingly using their smartphones. In spring 2012, already 25% of potential applicants used their mobile devices to look for new jobs in Switzerland. 14% of Germans did the same (Source: Google, “Our mobile Planet”). Nevertheless, there are still many companies who have not yet made their websites responsive.

Programming career pages
Every good business website features a career page nowadays. In order to increase the chances of success, it is available to have a denoted landing page. Landing pages have all necessary information an applicant needs ready in one place and should furthermore feature a contact form. In order to have a long-term approach to human resources, a career blog with regular updates presents a great way of keeping talents up to date.

Text and design
Whether it is a website, and advert or a blog – we breather life into your communication tools.

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Do you rather have an individual service package? We are happy to advice you on the solution that suits your needs the best. Get in touch!

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