Transforming marketing to digital

Marketing automation is the standard.
AI is the key technology.
Data is the basis.

Develop data-driven marketing in 3 steps:

                   3 Marketing Automation with AI 

2 Datenmanagement with AI 

1 Marketing Automation Systems   


  Goal: Collect cross-channel user data, create demand and probability profiles for each user and derive a precise customer approach. This leads to more customers coming, staying, trusting the brand and buying more. Another objective is to improve the efficiency of marketing activities through automated processes.



All campaigns, promotions and marketing measures, which were previously created manually by the marketer, can be optimized and automated in a digital sales process. With marketing automation solutions, the commitment of your website visitors and newsletter subscribers can be observed, documented and analyzed in detail. The system automatically plays out campaigns to selected personas, imported segment groups or individuals and it enables collaboration between marketing and sales.

>> Rule-based, automated campaigns with detailed reporting

More on Marketing Automation



2  Data management with AI

The prerequisite for digital marketing with AI applications is a solid, high-quality database. Precise statements about customer needs and behavior can only be derived the more data is collected and made available. Marketing automation systems deliver marketing data. Other systems provide additional transaction data such as purchases, complaints, enquiries, etc. The data from various databases is collected in a central data system. The data can then be processed and enriched with AI models for AI-supported marketing.

 The platform used for this purpose is ApiOmat    /  Handling of product data with Akeno PIM

AI models for duplicate recognition and data cleansing

AI Models for Mapping Data (Data Enhancement)

AI Models for Classifying Unstructured Data


No matter whether you have already defined your Customer Journey or are just starting it:

There are several ways to improve your return on investment (ROI) by integrating AI and automation.

  • automated e-mails based on browsing or shopping behaviour
  • Personalized website content by  location
  • Chatbots and language assistance systems that answer FAQs or provide support
  • Reputation Monitoring: Product Mentions in Social Media with Automated Comments
  • Programmatic ad buying based on behavior or other factors




AI Models Increase Conversion Rates for Automated Campaigns

Marketing platforms equipped with AI are able to gain more meaningful insights and further optimize personalized marketing. Artificial intelligence brings greater precision and efficiency to customer communication and thus to the company. With a solid database, AI algorithms can predict much more accurately when the right time to interact with the lead or customer is, and what tactical marketing action is needed through the Marketing Automation tool to make a customer buy, stay, or return.

The impact of campaigns can be enhanced by AI-supported segmentation and analysis of customer data. Segmentation, probability models and intelligent recommendations are essential techniques.

Increase sales with AI

Create Customer Segments
Initiate more Purchases
Prevent Customer Churn
Playing out personalized Content


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