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HubSpot Integration Services for Successful Inbound Marketing

At W4, as a HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner, we provide tailored HubSpot integration services that enable your company to unlock the full potential of HubSpot for your marketing automation goals.

Our expertise encompasses a wide range of integrations, including Content Management System (CMS), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. We have extensive experience in integrating complex systems such as SAP, MS Dynamics, Salesforce, and various other platforms. Our integration solutions are highly adaptable and can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

HubSpot Integration


By leveraging our HubSpot integration services, you can streamline your business operations and ensure a seamless user experience throughout your organization. With our expertise, you can optimize your marketing automation processes and achieve your desired outcomes effectively.


Hubspot integration CMS

HubSpot CMS Integrations

W4 offers specialized HubSpot integration services that address the needs of businesses looking to maximize their marketing automation goals while retaining their existing CMS. 

We understand that switching CMS platforms solely for adopting HubSpot may not be feasible for every business. Our CMS integration services bridge this gap by seamlessly integrating your current CMS with HubSpot. 

By combining the powerful content management capabilities of platforms like WordPress with the robust marketing automation features of HubSpot, businesses can benefit from both worlds. One significant advantage is the ability to collect user data directly from the CMS and sync it with HubSpot, enabling personalized marketing campaigns. 

Our integration solutions ensure a seamless flow of data between your CMS and HubSpot, allowing you to leverage HubSpot's comprehensive marketing features without the need for a complete CMS overhaul. 

With our services, you can achieve marketing automation objectives efficiently and cost-effectively while retaining the strengths of your existing CMS infrastructure.


Integrations Between HubSpot and CRM Systems

Understanding the importance of a cohesive and unified customer relationship management strategy, we specialize in providing top-notch services to integrate HubSpot seamlessly with your CRM system. Our experts have extensive experience in integrating HubSpot with various CRM systems, including popular platforms like Salesforce, MS Dynamics, and more. By integrating HubSpot with your CRM, you can achieve a 360-degree view of your customers, streamline data management, and enhance the effectiveness of your marketing and sales efforts. 

Our integration solutions ensure a smooth flow of data between HubSpot and your CRM system, enabling you to leverage the full power of both platforms and drive better customer engagement and conversion rates. With our services, you can maximize the potential of your CRM system while harnessing the marketing automation capabilities of HubSpot for exceptional business growth.


Hubspot integration CRM
Hubspot integration ERP

Integration Between HubSpot and ERP Systems

Our services encompass the seamless integration of HubSpot with powerful ERP systems such as Odoo and many others, unlocking the potential for a cohesive and streamlined connection between sales, marketing, and financial processes. By integrating HubSpot with your ERP system, we enable the seamless sharing and synchronization of data and information, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency and accuracy.

To illustrate this integration in action, consider a scenario where a potential customer fills out a form on your HubSpot website. Our integration ensures that the contact information is automatically transferred to HubSpot's CRM system. As this customer proceeds to place an order, our integration seamlessly transmits the order information to the ERP system, initiating the ordering process promptly and efficiently.

This integration between HubSpot and your chosen ERP system significantly enhances your operational capabilities by eliminating manual data entry and enabling real-time data exchange. By leveraging our integration services, your organization can achieve a comprehensive view of customer interactions, accelerate the order fulfillment process, and foster a seamless collaboration between sales, marketing, and financial departments.

With our expertise in integrating HubSpot with powerful ERP systems, we empower your business to optimize its operations, drive efficiency, and deliver a superior customer experience across the entire customer journey.


Capacity Requirement Planning (CRP) tools help companies plan and manage their production capacity so they can manufacture their products on time and efficiently. By integrating a CRP system with HubSpot, you ensure that your marketing and sales activities are aligned with production capacity. This means that your sales team can take production capacity into account to ensure that demand for products does not exceed production capacity. This helps you avoid overproduction and use your resources more efficiently.

Integrating CRP systems with HubSpot can also help companies gain better visibility into their business processes. Namely, by synchronizing data and information between these systems, you can better coordinate your production, sales activities, and marketing efforts. You can react quickly to changes in demand or production.

Hubspot integration CRP

Successful HubSpot Integrations Project We've Completed

HubSpot Integration - Fortyseven Reference


W4 connected the TAC system and HubSpot through a middleware built with Google Cloud. This integration facilitated the seamless exchange of data, allowing for the synchronization and processing of customer information for marketing purposes. The use cases developed for Fortyseven were based on a consistent system architecture, enabling successful marketing automation.
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HubSpot Integration - Reference Story Zurzach


W4 Marketing Agency provided a customized solution by integrating the TAC system with HubSpot as a marketing platform and CRM. By creating a middleware using Google Cloud, data from both services was seamlessly synchronized and processed for marketing purposes. This integration allowed for effective segmentation and the development of tailored marketing campaigns
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HubSpot Integration - Reference BMG Labtech


W4 integrated HubSpot as a lead generation tool for BMG, overcoming their CRM challenge. With subsidiaries in six countries using different systems, we seamlessly connected HubSpot with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Now, BMG benefits from a unified view of leads, contacts, and deals, enabling streamlined processes and informed decision-making.


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We are proud to offer top-notch HubSpot integrations for our clients. We would be happy to assist you in integrating your various systems and tools for a seamless user experience and smooth operations in HubSpot.


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