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In many specialties, the majority of patients are referred to the doctor’s office by other physicians. This is why doctor referral marketing is an essential part of practice marketing. However, many practices and clinics lack the right approach or simply do not have the time to utilise this marketing strategy. One needs qualified knowledge to answer a variety of questions: How do you gain the attention of referring physicians? Which role does an ABC Analysis play? What is the ideal approach to doctor referral marketing? Which ressources support doctor’s referrals in the most efficient way?
For more than 10 years, W4 has been working in the field of health communication and supports doctors with daily marketing processes. We would gladly advise you on the creation of communication processes tailored to your practice or clinic’s needs. The requirements for an efficient marketing strategy vary depending on target group as well as the size and location of the facility. Not every doctor’s office is the same – cooperations with other practices differ as you surely know from your daily business. For that reason, strategic market research is the first step into realising a doctor referral marketing strategy. Nevertheless, smart doctor referral marketing is far more than a monetary question. The complex requirements of referring physicians must be understood in order to translate these insights into a forward-looking strategy. Only in this way will you successfully manage the flow of patients in your organisation.


W4 is establishing itself as a leading marketing and communications provider in the health care sector. With the acquisition of just-medical! at the beginning of 2022, we were able to significantly expand our presence in the health care sector and further develop and scale the digital services of just-medical!

One of our offerings for you: med-mail! – Communicate quickly and directly with your target physicians! With the uncomplicated mailings, you can reach your desired contacts and referring physicians with messages and content tailored specifically to your needs. In our all-round carefree package, we offer you everything: from the idea to the wording, layout, production and dispatch. Our teams have many years of experience in e-marketing and have sound medical as well as technical know-how to make your mailing a success. With us, you also have access to the most comprehensive address database in the healthcare sector.


 Whether it's a referring physician brochure, a referring physician newsletter or a catalogue of requirements: Our guide provides you with important tips for your referral management and also shows you how to attract new referrers. Get specific ideas now on how to make your referral marketing more profitable.

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