Do you need technological solutions that are specifically tailored to your needs?

As a full-service marketing and communications agency, W4 develops digital business solutions for your individual requirements. In more than 20 years of development work, we have acquired a wide range of experience and profitably use our expertise to digitize our clients' business processes. Our highly qualified app & web developers implement, optimize and program digital products that meet your requirements.

Commerce platforms
Do you want to master the digital transformation and drive your sales with innovative e-commerce solutions?

We can make this possible and develop customer-centriconline shops for you using Magento's open-source e-commerce platform. Both B2B and B2C commerce can be operated with this platform. The decisive advantages of this software are, to name a few, its modular architecture, which allows for extensive adaptations and the flexible template system, which enables a completely individual e-shop design.

The Magento founders also provide the open source platform OroCommerce, which is mainly designed for B2B e-commerce. The strengths of this platform include customer accounts management, product catalogue adaptation, business process automatization and customer-specific price lists.

W4 supports you with omni-channel e-commerce and provides a seamless and high-quality customer experience. True to the motto "Boost Your Sales", our app & web developers help you with solutions that fit your individual needs. 

Product Information Management (PIM)
Do you use spreadsheets to consolidate your product information from different data sources?

If so, it is time for a product information management (PIM) solution. Thanks to the open source PIM Akeneo, we offer you product management across channels, which allows you to edit and manage your product data centrally. Through reliable interfaces between the PIM and your e-commerce solution, you quickly get the full product information and dramatically shorten the time-to-market. Furthermore, third-party applications, such as external databases, print solutions or mobile apps, can be easily connected to the Akeneo PIM through interfaces.

Centralize and optimize your product management with a PIM and save costs, increase your conversion rate and increase your productivity as well as the availability of your products.

Mobile and web apps
Do you profit from the user-friendliness and the speed of modern web applications?

Apps are more popular than ever.Web apps have replaced "fat clients" for good. Our app developers create customized software for various business tools and your mobile commerce. For example, we can provide you with a product configurator that allows you or your customers to digitize sales and selection processes to achieve a high ROI immediately.

In doing so, we rely on the ultra-modern and super fast React or the widely popular Symfony framework. We also do application development with PHP, no-SQL databases such as the MongoDB and licensed as well as open-source SQL data base systems like MS-SQL or PostgreSQL. Regarding servers, we use PHP or Meteor for on-premise solutions and Google Firebase for cloud solutions.

We program mobile apps natively with JAVA (Android), Objective C or Swift (iOS) and React Native. We create native smartphone and tablet apps for mobile devices that can make data available offline and provide a learned user experience for Android and iOS by applying native UI elements.

Content management platforms
Do you have to switch between different systems in order to transfer your business content several times?

Save yourself a lot of time and use modern content management platforms manage all of your content centrally in one system. Third-party content from sources like PIM, ERP or asset management system can be integrated into the platform. Typo3, Sitecore or WordPress: We set up content management platforms that are user-friendly as well as open to new systems and requirements. Our IT specialists also realize a complete relaunch of your existing web content.

With this digital hub, you can maintain and manage all types of content easily. We implement UX / UI Design for you so that your pages are designed for the particular needs of your customers and the visitors of your web pages. The goal is a continuous customer experience across all digital interfaces.

Interfaces / Software Integration
Is navigating the various systems you use a daily balancing act?

VMany companies manage their data across different systems, which often results in data duplicates. This costs a lot of time and money. You can simplify your data management with software integrations by connecting data silos to each other. Our developers program APIs (application programming interfaces) to connect your PIM with your online shop or your content management system (CMS) with other applications.

Oracle' integration platform ICS offers the high-performance, stable and monitorbable connection of different applications. It manages "Data as a Platform" and provides requested data. Optimize your enterprise resource planning (ERP) with intelligent software integration: The W4 IT experts are happy to help you.

Agile development
Do you want to see immediately usable partial results along the development process?

We have committed to the agile method to make development processes flexible and lean. "SCRUM" is a framework for managing software development that helps us to realize a modern, efficient and agile product and project management. The SCRUM process is easy to apply its advantages are a high degree of transparency through regular reviews as well as agility through adaptive planning. Customer service is always at the core of SCRUM.

Are you ready to benefit from intelligent solutions and innovative products, take part in digitization and optimize your data management? We are happy to help! Our app and web developers find the ideal solution for sophisticated IT projects.



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Unparalleled Technology Partner
W4 has been an incredible partner for us as a Digital Marketing Agency, providing fast, reliable, and consistent technical and IT developer solutions. From building a Web App to creating flawless APIs, W4 is a unique partner in that they can execute highly technical IT tasks with full competence of a marketing perspective. We are always impressed with their thorough attention to detail and creative approach to providing solutions. W4 has enabled us to discover technical workarounds within Hubspot we did not even think would be possible! We look forward to continuing to work with W4 on our future projects!

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Flexibler und effizienter Websiteentwickler
W4 unterstützt uns beim Unterhalt (Updates) sowie bei der Weiterentwicklung der Typo3-Webseite. Zudem reagieren sie schnell und haben immer eine Lösung, um ein Problem zu beheben oder eine neue Funktion einzubinden.

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