Shopify is one of the best-known e-commerce platforms on the market, with over one million online shops hosted worldwide. The modular software is particularly popular with small and medium-sized companies. However, large companies with complex product structures are also increasingly relying on Shopify.

Put together your own individual website from pre-built modern design elements and templates. The simple set-up requires no special know-how, which makes the platform extremely user-friendly. As a cloud-based solution all updates and maintenance are carried out in the background – another relief for Shopify companies.

Individual modular system

As a modular system the platform can be customized for sales. The Shopify App Store offers over 6,000 integrable apps for this purpose. These support you in all phases of e-commerce. Among other things, you can use them to increase your visibility online, manage your inventories, make appointments directly, expand your payment methods or launch your advertising campaigns. All within a single platform.



Flexible Distribution

Flexible Distribution

Shopify offers many ways to sell your products and services online:

  • personalized online shop
  • Buy Button for existing websites
  • as a POS system
  • through social sites
  • online marketplaces
Central Management

Central Management

A single dashboard lets you keep track of all orders, payments and shipping details. Here you can conveniently monitor the performance of your shop and analyze it using visualized live statistics.

Targeted Marketing

Targeted Marketing

Within the platform, marketing tools enable you to make your shop known to your target group. For example: Use the integrated blog option, create campaigns, record customer data in detailed profiles and constantly optimize your measures.

Die modulare Shopify-Software verhilft Ihrer E-Commerce-Plattform zum Erfolg.


Manage Customer Data

Use Shopify to centrally manage your customer data: We show you which CRM platform can be integrated according to your needs. This enables  you to collect your contacts securely and use them for your Email marketing in an ideal way.



Create lasting customer relationships by reaching your customers through Shopify's integrated Email targeting solution.


Increase Visibility

Make your content stand out and more visible: We check and improve your Shopify shop regarding relevant search engine optimization.


Blog Marketing

Present yourself as an expert in your field: With the help of the integrated Shopify blog option you not only regularly strengthen your external image. You also increase the traffic to your shop page. This way you can inspire potential customers with your products more quickly and persistently.

Video Creation

Moving images are very memorable: We support you in enlivening your shop with meaningful video material and animated icons.

EMail Marketing

We support you in communicating your content to your (potential) customers via Shopify email. The central marketing dashboard provides you with relevant data and reports around your campaign, which we can then use to optimize the next email campaign.

Campaign Creation

Turn Email marketing, blog entries, GoogleAds and co. into a complete package:: Create online campaigns in Shopify to reach your target group via all relevant channels. With the help of the central marketing dashboard you can always keep track of the campaigns performance.

Social Commerce

Synchronize your shop with Facebook and Instagram. We support you in giving your products more attention with ads and co. Additionally we help you with centrally controlling your social media channels via Shopify.

Google Smart Shopping

Let your products be what people are searching for: Exploit the full potential of Google directly via Shopify.

Shopify Review For Your Online Shop

Did you already set up your Shopify shop, but are not sure if you're getting the best out of the settings for your business? We want to help you find out. In our Shopify Review we take a close look at your shop and show you which workflows and functions are being used well – and where there is potential for optimisation. Because our goal is to make your work easier and show you how to use the software as profitably as possible for your e-commerce strategy. Contact us now!


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