Google is the undisputed number one among search engines in the German-speaking world. Using Google Ads is therefore highly recommended. Google's own ad system displays ads in the upper-right corner of the search engine. These ads are always displayed in reference to the search items the respective user entered.

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The advantages of Google Ads

  • Targeting potential clients
  • Uncomplicated entry into the market / gaining new clients
  • Suitable for small budgets as well
  • Campaign can be adjusted in real-time
  • Full cost control
  • Detailed reporting of campaign results
  • Continuous or temporary campaigns possible

W4 is an official Google Ads partner. We have certified Google Ads Experts in our team. Our colleagues have all taken and passed various exams that verify their expertise in the field. They are qualified to help you to advertise successfully with Google Ads.

Our services

  • Comprehensive keyword analysis based on your target group
  • Strategy and concept of your Google Ads campaign
  • Creating valuable advertising copy with call to action
  • Campaign-tracking to measure conversions and clicks
  • Continuous reporting and optimization of your campaigns
  • Consulting and Google Ads training

Get in touch now and profit from the many advantages of Google Ads. In order to take full advantage of the benefits of Google Ads, we recommend to do a search engine optimization. Learn more about this on our dedicated page on search engine optimization.


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