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"The way is the goal" - does not apply if you want to attract and retain customers! Here, the following applies: "The right way is the way to the goal." In digitalization, which is now making inroads into all age groups of potential customers, it is crucial to collect as much high-quality data as possible from (potential) customers to serve them with engaging, digital content.

Many companies still predominantly use print media such as traditional letters, flyers, catalogs, postcards, and the like - not always because they necessarily want to. Often, these contact channels have grown historically, and there is no easy-to-implement digitization strategy at hand. With W4 and our partner BSI, a leading software company that has been delighting customers for almost 25 years, you can reach your (potential) customers in uncomplicated ways and digitize their important data following the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO).

It has never been easier to offer every (potential) customer fully automated, individual, exceptional, and emotional experiences across all contact points.

BSI Software Solutions

Example: Use case from postal letter to CRM

Let's assume that a company only has the name and address of a contact or customer but would like to send them online content such as newsletters by email in the future to save resources, possibly reducing the burden on the environment, and distribute up-to-date information more quickly and easily. In this case, a classic letter could mark the start on the road to digitization by containing a QR code. The code can be easily scanned via smartphone and automatically leads to a landing page where prospects can sign up for the online newsletter. Via a form on this web page, you can request all relevant information. Via a workflow, the so-called lead then receives a fully automatic email in which he or she must confirm the registration. With this confirmation, the DSGVO-compliant registration is already established.

All contact data is automatically transferred to the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and can be used immediately for further campaigns. Now you can deliver your content more precisely to the right target group (e.g. via segmentation or mailing lists) on the optimal channel at the ideal time.

Examples of workflows

BSI Software SolutionsSuccess with the right customer journey

 With BSI, you can react flexibly to user behavior and do so fully automatically! Artificial intelligence (AI) supports you and helps you determine the right time to make contact, the best channel, or the most engaging content for each user. In doing so, the customer journey can be adapted to the user individually. AI tracks down for you which actions or products should be presented next to best support your sales, marketing, and service teams.

Manual sub-steps that require much time and therefore money are no longer necessary. BSI enables fully automated assignment of your lead and customer management use cases. At the same time, your leads and customers will continue to feel that you are individually supporting them. 

Your advantages with BSI

Even companies that still rely on offline marketing measures can still enrich their CRM with important data and ensure optimal data quality that benefits all departments from marketing to sales to production. For those who want to gradually switch from print to online measures, BSI solutions offer everything they need to do so. Even for already well-digitized companies, BSI offers attractive functions for providing prospects, leads, and customers with exciting online experiences. No cloud is required for setup. BSI solutions can be set up on your server.

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W4 is a provider of strategic advice and operational implementation for all parts of marketing automation. We will work out the right software with you and will be happy to advise you on the possible uses and the creation of automated marketing campaigns. Together with you, we develop a marketing strategy, individual campaigns, and a target group-oriented content strategy. Contact us!


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