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Content Strategy workshop

Workshops for those who want results and not just certificates.

Practically oriented trainings, at W4, directly at your location and also ONLINE.


Content strategy Workshops to boost your SEO and customer acquisition, on site at your office or ours, in Zurich, Bern, Basel, and across Switzerland, Germany and Austria, and now ONLINE. 

W4 is a leader in Marketing and online strategies since 20 years, and now we bring our expertise to you. From our business success to yours.


Download PDF
for presentation to your team or manager



Online Workshops via Zoom

Live Team Meetings

Our online workshops can be conducted via Zoom or another online meeting tool of your choice.

Begleitendes Material

Digital supplementary material

You will receive additional information in various downloadable PDFs to help guide your implementation after the online workshop.

Interaktives Lernen via Zoom

Learning in groups and in breakout rooms

At W4, we are interested in results - not in just one-to-many communication or completing a multiple-choice test. At Zoom, interactive learning is possible through group discussions and small group learning sessions.

Online Sonderpreis

Online Special Offer

The price for a live on-site workshop is 3,500 CHF per day. We would like to support your company during this extraordinary time and therefore offer our online workshops at a fixed price of 2,500 CHF for groups of 3 - 9 people.

Who is the Content Strategy workshop for?


You want practical results, not just certificates?

Do you want to build your brand, get more leads, create an profitable marketing campaign, improve our SEO strategy and drive traffic to your website landing pages?

A content strategy is vital if you want to increase your presence in the market.

With relevant, SEO optimized content you can get closer to your customers. It is the medium for all communication, across all your marketing channels – Blog post and landing page lead generating content, video marketing, social media marketing, and beyond.

But without a content strategy in place, building content will be like building an office without a plan.


Would you like a workshop on-site at your company?

We bring the WeChat workshop to Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Slovakia. We are are also happy to welcome you at our various workshop sites as well.

online call

Online Workshop

You are probably already getting used to group calls with zoom. Just like in our regular workshops, where we come to your office or invite you to our workshop room in Baden, Switzerland, we will attend your zoom meeting or invite you to our zoom room for training!

Why a Workshop?


Once upon a time...

There was once a village on the north side of a large river. Some of the people wanted to get to the southern side of the river.

To reach their goal they had many options:
- Bridge
- Ferry
- Tunnel
- Lay the villagers together across the water
- Divert the river

Similar to this story, creating content which reaches the goal can take several different forms.

The purpose of this action based content marketing workshop is to develop a content creation & publishing strategy with your team. Then you can predictably and consistently reach your marketing and growth goals in the best way.



Why W4?

Have you ever been part of a workshop where you listen to lectures, do practical exercises, take a multiple choice test and go home with a certificate? How can you know whether or not you are qualified for the role afterwards?

What you will experience and learn in the W4 content strategy training course:


The Content Pillar system

  • Creating effective content topic clusters
  • Deciding which topics are highest value
  • Structuring your content communication strategy

Team Workshops

  • Learn an effective workshop to formulate and explore requirements and ideas
  • Learn systems to prioritize requirements, functions or features according to business value
  • How to implement Agile systems into the content strategy

Content framework

  • How to drive more sales through all content types

  • How to reach 3 types of people with 3 types of content

  • How to match content with the emotional message


Key Take Aways

  • How to generate content ideas
  • How to select the right topics
  • What kind of content to use for which purpose
  • How to use tools like the Content Matrix
  • Guided Group sessions learning systems for “brain writing”
  • How to use a content scheduler


At your company or with us, on site
Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Slovakia AND ONLINE!

We come to you

Our special offer for you: We conduct the workshop directly on site in your company - in Switzerland, Germany, Austria or Slovakia.

There are no additional costs for you: Whether at one of our locations or in your company.

We invite you to visit us

We offer the Workshop in Baden (near Zurich) in Switzerland. Our workshop facilities can accommodate up to 16 participants. Comfort and a pleasant atmosphere are provided. You can reach us in only three minutes on foot from the main train station. 

We bring the workshop to your event

Whether in a hotel conference room or other premises - we are agile and mobile.

online call

Online Workshop

You are probably already getting used to group calls with zoom. Just like in our regular workshops, where we come to your office or invite you to our workshop room in Baden, Switzerland, we will attend your zoom meeting or invite you to our zoom room for training!


The training last one day with breaks in between




This workshop is available in English and German





Our prices are valid for the whole group, not per person.

We can accommodate 3 - 9 people in a workshop, larger groups on request.

Price for a group of 3 - 9 persons: 3.500 CHF / EUR


We would like to support your company in these interesting times and therefore offer our online workshop at a group flat rate of 2.500 CHF / EUR (group size: 3-9 participants).