Gamification Marketing

Playing is human nature. The goal of Gamification is to use this tendency profitably for enterprises.

Game-specific elements such as high scores, rankings or awards are placed in seemingly "non-game" contexts. Gamification in marketing promotes the interaction between vendor and customer to increase sales. Games can also positively influence loyalty to the brand.

Gamification in Business Software

Since not every company can afford motivational bonuses, professionally gamified business software lends fresh air to otherwise dry routine work. Used wisely, problems become more tangible, tasks become more understandable, trainings become easier. And the employees enjoy their tasks.

Gamification im Branding

Gamification kann also be beneficial in branding. Prerequisite: The game elements underline the character of the company. Modern, young and individual brands can be generous here and spice up their communication tools.

Serious and straightforward brands, however, should use gamification elements carefully and only when appropiate

customer acquisition

Customer care is no problem with gamification. Because the games/game elements entertain and generate a positive feeling. This is usually transferred to the advertised product - an ideal situation for a purchase decision.


If the purchase of a product includes the prospect of another prize, customers are more likely to buy it. Be it automatic participation in a sweepstake or the collection of loyalty points - the goal is always the same: selling.

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W4 develops Gamification solutions

We take the fun factor very seriously.
We animate and gamify your mascots, symbols and logos or design completely new, movie-ready 3D characters. W4 produces trailers and intros, optimizes work, learning and sales processes, designs complete game concepts and handles the subsequent 3D visualization and programming of the games - all in-house.

You receive all services - from conception to realization - from a single source. Contact us!

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