Large-scale Coup for Usability and Information


Football Championships will always be eagerly anticipated highlights for many. Make use of this enthusiasm for your marketing. Don't miss the chance to be where big emotions and unified interest across international target groups congregate. The Big Boys have shown us how to do it and now you can follow in their footsteps.

Together with our friends from the agency Braintrain, we have developed an elaborate online betting game. Your employees or customers can compete for the title of "Champion." You are not only positioning your brand with this product. You are also collecting valuable customer information. 


Your customers are betting while you collect valuable data.

Who are my customers? Time to find out! Our online betting game allows you to collect contact data for your next mailing campaign in an easy and subtle manner. Advertise your products with web-banners - updated on a daily base, if requested - and increase the number of site visitors to existing pages via linking to your Facebook profile and website.

This is how it works:

Betting pools
Invite friends
Prizes for the winners
Marketing service
Customer data

Objective I: collect e-mail addresses from customers

objective II: Employee's identification with the brand

Selection of customised betting games


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