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WordPress is among the most-used blog systems worldwide and is equally well-suited for personal diaries and editorial articles or large web projects. With the WordPress content management system, you can publish and administer the content of a homepage quickly and very easily. The blog system can be extended into a professional content management system via plug-ins. It is also possible to establish a direct connection with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+, having WordPress posts appear in parallel in the social network. WordPress also permits the smooth publication of podcasts, images or videos. Due to the strict division between text and design, WordPress posts have a higher hit rate in Google searches. Keyword tools can improve search results even further.

Simplicity as basic concept
Compared to CMS systems like TYPO3, WordPress is focused on simple operability and is easer to learn than other systems. The system was originally developed for running blogs. The objective was to be able to administer and publish rapidly-changing contents. The modern weblog system, based on PHP and MySQL, is free and endlessly expandable.

Useful features
Via the integrated WordPress comment function, you offer visitors the opportunity to leave comments regarding your article, to which you can then respond. And using the RSS feed, fans of your website are automatically informed when you're published something new. These functions can be globally activated or individually permitted or disabled. Time-delayed posting is also possible. Besides that, the weblog software possesses central link management and management of user roles and permissions.


Benefits of WordPress

  • simple, intuitive operation (modular system)
  • good performance (only new posts are uploaded and never the entire website)
  • high flexibility
  • versatile, individually customisable
  • comments and RSS included
  • connectable with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter
  • high hit rate in Google search
  • constant expansion through plug-ins (e.g. for images, slide shows, videos)
  • Professional WordPress Consulting Services



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