Gamification is an extremely useful method when used correctly. Many industry giants have successfully implemented marketing strategies with Gamification. With online games and competitions, tired eyes are reawakened, the focus is sharpened and the business and emotional ties are re-strengthened. The term gamification encompasses the use of typical elements of the game, such as high scores, rankings or awards, in seemingly "foreign" contexts. The aim of Gamification is to motivate the recipient to interact with the company and, at best, to influence his or her (buying) behaviour.

Ho Ho Ho - The door opener to the customer

Not only children long for the Christmas season because of the anticipation of the daily opening of their Advent calendar. The daily little surprises make eyes shine. Adults also enjoy the Christmas highlight. A professionally designed digital advent calendar ensures a high reach, new leads and gives you access to customers who are sometimes inactive and can be addressed with further content at a later date. With the digital Advent calendar, you can offer existing, active customers a nice change during the Christmas season and position your brand.

Enjoy your customers in the most beautiful time of the year with the digital Advent calendar and benefit from first-class user experience and visibility on all your channels.

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The advantages at a glance


Individual design & content
Customer data

Prices and features

  • Basic package
  • Hosting for up to 1200 participants
  • Hosting for 30 days
  • Advent calendar in German
  • Static teaser with freely selectable image and teaser text
  • Freely selectable background image
  • Corporate Color
  • Own www address
  • Placement of your logo
  • Daily content (category 1, 2, 3)
  • individual prices
  • Link to your website
  • Link to your social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • GDPR-compliant
  • Responsive Design
  • Delivery of customer data after 24.12.
  • Support for participants
  • Package price: CHF 2,900 excl. VAT
  • Supplements excl. VAT
  • Price per additional 100 users: CHF 58.-
  • Hosting pro weitteren Tag online: CHF 5.-
  • Hosting per further day online: CHF 5Online Advent calendar in French/ English/ Italian, each language: CHF 950.-
  • Changing teaser with picture and teaser text (up to 3 subjects): CHF 380.-
  • Changing teaser with picture and teaser text (until further subject): CHF 80.-
  • Individual icon selection for doors and day contents: CHF 100.-
  • Individual font for doors: CHF 50.-
  • Facebook campaign to promote the online Advent calendar (6 posts incl. pictures): CHF 1800.-
  • Daily content category 4: CHF 1200.-
  • Daily content category 5: CHF 300.-
  • Individual daily contents (per category): CHF 500.-
  • Background music: CHF 100.-
  • Animated snowflakes: CHF 50.-
  • Integration in Ihr Google Analytics: CHF 50.-
  • Access to customer data during the term: CHF 50.-



Nico Schenk
Customer Success Manager & Project Manager


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