Fortyseven - Becoming the most digital thermal spa in Switzerland with Website Relaunch and Interface Development

Gesundheitsförderung Bad Zurzach und Baden (SBZ) commissioned W4 with several major projects and highly specific requirements. The following project was the conceptual design and development of a particularly eye-catching website for the new thermal spa Fortyseven in Baden (CH) and the implementation of a marketing automation platform. The spa is one of three large facilities in Switzerland and Germany operated by SBZ, and at the same time the newest and most modern of them all. The wellness area was designed not only for physical and sensory needs, but also for digital customer requirements. This wellness journey was to be reflected as a customer journey also in the online presence.

Unique user experience with conceptual system architecture 

In order to send Fortyseven visitors on a digital customer journey online, W4 worked together with the project team of the SBZ to develop a concept for the system architecture, that not only includes a beautiful product selection, but can also reach customers with marketing topics after a visit to the spa. For eleven months, the W4 web developers and the project team of SBZ worked hand in hand to design the page scheme for the digital user journey. The result is a high-performance website with elegant and unusual design elements using HubSpot CMS. Especially innovative was the approach to develop the site for "mobile first" and to build a desktop version later on. The new website for Fortyseven was created in collaboration with Rosarot, a design partner from Zurich.



For the marketing automation, W4 first had to check and evaluate the technical requirements of the wellness spa and develop a strategy through which interfaces and software solutions customer data could be used for marketing. After the analysis, an individual concept was developed for Fortyseven, on which new use cases for marketing could be built. The second major project, Therme Zurzach, later benefited from the existing system architecture, which was also implemented for them with individual modifications.

The technological challenge

Both Wellness Therme Fortyseven and Therme Zurzach are connected to the TAC system as part of the digitalisation process, which manages all the cash register systems, the online shops, the staff planning and also the customer relationship management (CRM) of the spas. In order to use efficient and targeted digital marketing that offers users a successful customer journey online, the client decided to use HubSpot as a marketing platform and CRM. W4 therefore linked the new website to HubSpot. To do this, data from both services had to be brought together to prepare them for processing, i.e. segmentation.

The Solution

First of all, the data exchange between the TAC system, which handles online ticket sales in its own webshop, and HubSpot had to be enabled. For this, W4 created a concept that was individually tailored to the customer. In parallel, HubSpot was implemented as a second CRM and as a marketing platform. In order to bring TAC and HubSpot together as a CRM based on the same logic and architecture, two interface technologies (SOAP and Rest API) were used. The interfaces enable a data transfer between TAC and HubSpot using Google Cloud as middleware. This allows the data to be processed with services such as Firestore, Firebase and Cloud Run. They are constantly synchronised with HubSpot customer data and processed for marketing purposes. For successful up-selling or cross-selling via HubSpot with ticket bookings already made via the TAC system, individual use cases were displayed, based on the same logic and architecture. Only by implementing a middleware, W4 was able to harness the information for Fortyseven's marketing campaigns. 

Zurzach Fortyseven Info GraphicBoth Fortyseven and Therme Zurzach each have two separate interfaces, so that the setup for Fortyseven that was devised by W4 could later be applied in a similar way to Therme Zurzach. Nevertheless, the systems are not connected to each other. The advantage of this individual solution is that the connection between TAC and HubSpot and all the use cases developed for the Fortyseven thermal spa as well as the Therme Zurzach can be applied to both spas. In this way, both spas benefit from each other' s continuing advancements.

We are looking forward to future projects with the Fortyseven spa!


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