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Liechtenstein transport companies bring subscription tickets to the Wallet

It just happens so easily: The annual ticket for public transport, which you always keep in a certain place in your pocket, has suddenly disappeared. Or maybe you've forgotten it at home. In situations like these, it's good to have a digital backup on your smartphone.

The public transport provider in the Principality of Liechtenstein has launched this new service for its about 5 million annual passengers: any tickets which can be purchased by subscription can be easily transferred from the classic printed form to the Apple Wallet or to another app for managing tickets on Android devices. This service was set up in collaboration with us.

When subscribing to the transport service, customers will first receive their ticket in the classic print format. Recently, this will be accompanied by a QR code, which leads the user to the extended service. Scanning the code allows the annual ticket to be transferred to a ticket app on mobile devices such as the Wallet app for iPhones. If the physical ticket gets lost, the digital twin in the app is still valid and authorizes the holder to take the buses. This means that the approximately 15,000 people with an annual subscription benefit immediately in case of loss and do not have to request a new subscription card.

The process from purchase to the digital subscription ticket in the app:

1. Providing the QR code
2. Scanning the QR code
3. Remote update
4. Forgery check

At the same time, the digital service reduces the workload on transport operators. Each scan that is performed feeds the customer data into a database. This database is responsible for managing the passengers' subscriptions. W4 has developed and implemented this technical workflow. The setup that has now been installed represents a step forward in the eTicketing service of public transport operators, as subscriptions can now be presented digitally via app in addition to individual tickets. An additional optimization of the data management is currently being discussed with the Liechtenstein transport operators.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Forgery-proof tickets
  • No modification of the technical infrastructure for the transport companies
  • The validity of each ticket can be extended automatically and remotely.
  • Availability: People lose their tickets more often than their phones.

We would like to thank LIEmobil for the trustful cooperation and wish the passengers a safe and pleasant journey!


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