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OpenSocial is the open source response to the increased relevance of optimised online communities. The software enables effective online community engagement and uncomplicated community management for companies and organisations.

The declared goal of OpenSocial is to create digital spaces that enable people with the same professions, goals, values, interests or life circumstances to exchange ideas. Companies can use OpenSocial to create a platform that is individually adapted to their needs. On the one hand, this enables interactive communication between the members of the online community. At the same time, the numerous features facilitate the precise hosting of topics and members for the company itself. This way, the online community always keeps an eye on the connecting element – and provides decisive impulses for the organisational and/or corporate goals.

Your path to a successful Open Social platform

1. Create a user-friendly and engaging surface
  • Create a sense of belonging and customise the design of your Open Social surface to match your individual branding
  • Integrate features that meet the needs and demands of your organisation
  • In addition to the open source functions there are numerous add-ons available for this purpose
  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing digital tools (e.g. Microsoft Office 365)
2. Motivate your members and put their needs first
  • Enable your members to use the digital platform transparently and securely through customised privacy and network settings
  • Increase your members' acceptance of the platform by login procedures suitable for everyday use (single sign-on, social logins etc.)
  • Increase the activity and motivation of your members by providing them with appropriate tools for knowledge transfer, real-time collaboration and comprehensive content options (e.g. crowd innovation, course offerings, discussion rooms, etc.)
3. Host your platform and make data-driven optimisations
  • Respond quickly and deliberately to new content and comments from your community using integrable content and site managers
  • View and manage your members conveniently on one dashboard
  • Use embeddable community analytics tools to make data-driven decisions. Measure content engagement, member activity and platform adoption in general
  • Visualise your data analysis to identify optimisation potential at a glance
  • Adapt the functions of your platform to the wishes of your community with individual add-ons.

Open source + individual add-ons = customised solution
Open Social is based on the open source framework Drupal CMS. Accordingly, every member of the Drupal community can download the software core of Open Social and adapt it to their own project. Companies and organisations that require extended functions and efficient services around the open source software have more than 100 add-ons and extensive services at their disposal. These enable custom integrations, smooth workflow structures and professional maintenance of the Open Social platform.

Functions and extensions
Platform and content management
Data management
Communication management
Member administration


Whitepaper: Online Communities

Online communities have become an integral part of business strategies as they provide a way to connect with customers and build trust. By organising a community around your business, you establish a personal connection with your (potential) customers and foster their loyalty towards your company – which can ultimately lead to more sales. Read more about what constitutes a successful online community and how your business can benefit from it in our whitepaper "Online Communities" and on our blog.

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