WeTomation as CRM SYSTEM based on Wechat

W4 helps companies establish a presence and grow their markets in China. Our answer to the needs of the Chinese market is an approach we call WeTomation. As a foundation, we created a custom marketing automation solution centered on the WeChat ecosystem. We therefore use the open source system Mautic or as alternative HubSpot which is coming with a license model. WeChat integration should be as seamless as possible, a function was included for importing the WeChat navigation bar for fast contact management. WeTomation connects users with valuable customer WeChat profile across the WeChat ecosystem and the company’s systems. Through features like lead scoring and automated push messaging, we help to effectively reach WeChat users with tailored content at the user’s personal moments of truth.

Once consumers engage with social media content, they can be directed to the company website, which acts as a powerful central tool for more enhanced development of the customer relationship and more comprehensive analysis and planning. With unified contact IDs at the center, WeTomation gives a streamlined, user-friendly interface across customer-facing teams. Sales and marketing, for example, can jointly take advantage of modern tracking and analytics to run dynamic, personalized multiplatform campaigns. Across the board, automation gives powerful support with features like dynamic, behavior-based content sharing, multitouch push campaigns, and lead-specific data integration.


The result of this system is an interface between teams, databases, and the broader company infrastructure. The goal is an all-in-one interface that can support agile responses to users’ daily needs and a rapidly shifting market environment. We wanted WeTomation to include content creation in this streamlined focus, so user-friendly design templates for critical daily operations (EDM, WeChat landing pages) are also included. But Chinese business can only be a success story if it is integrated into the company’s global systems and strategy: WeTomation also includes a fully open API to bring the full power of modern business systems to the Chinese market,and combines all systems in a single view.

WeChat will be used to generate leads and collect contacts. We will make use of features like community to spread news and draw the attention of promising parties, at the same time the WeChat AdSystem will help to manage adverts as another means to attract potential customers. In a second step, we will import all available data to our inhouse marketing tool WeTomation, which will then be setup.

With the help of a dashboard, all actions can be monitored, their success evaluated and strategies altered if need be. User groups will be created, which makes it easier to keep an overview and approach each contact on a more individual level and make sure that the right content reaches each person on every step in their buyers journey. Contact frequency will be monitored and adjusted, e-mail templates will be set-up.

Using WeTomation, W4 will install a tracking code on the Klüber website to monitor traffic. This can be achieved either by loading a javascript file or adding a tracking pixel to the website. This will help to store a variety of information for each visit, for example page language and the URL of the previous website the visitor was on. This feature also allows you to set custom parameters for tracking.

An optional interface to the Marketo software can be discussed at a later stage of the project. Project management and advise is provided throughout this process.

WeTomation Features

  • A database of all leads and contacts which can be organized into specific groups
  • A dashboard to monitor campaigns, contacts, traffic and email marketing
  • A way to capture e-mail addresses
  • Application of WePush messages



Option 1: WeTomation Enterprise
Option 2: WeTomation Pro

Easy to Use Dashboard 

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