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W4 has made it its mission to help companies succeed in the Lobster universe by offering comprehensive solutions to help you manage your data efficiently with Lobster. As a dedicated Lobster partner, we ensure the success of your company.

Discover the  Lobster solutions:

LOBSTER_DATA. No Code-Software for Data Integration


Lobster_data is an excellent tool for companies striving for optimized data management. It serves as both a data and system integration solution and allows you to quickly implement conversion processes with a variety of format templates.

With Lobster_data, data fields can be assigned via a simple drag-and-drop interface and complex logic can be implemented seamlessly. Compatibility with various communication protocols makes transferring data to third parties a breeze. Whether you prefer an on-premise or cloud-based solution, Lobster_data is adaptable, requires no installation and works flawlessly on any device. It's the ultimate solution for simplifying your data management.

Simplified Interfaces

With Lobster_data, integrating your webshop becomes an effortless task. Lobster offers you a user-friendly interface that allows you to seamlessly and efficiently connect your online store with Lobster solutions. The result is smooth and error-free communication between your webshop and the Lobster platform. This means that you can transfer data and information smoothly, resulting in optimized operations.

Connecting Online Store with Brick-and-Mortar

With Lobster_data, you can close the gap between your e-commerce solutions and your physical stores. The solution provides an internal connection that allows you to seamlessly exchange information and data between your online and physical stores. This creates a seamless and consistent customer experience, regardless of whether your customers are shopping online or visiting a brick-and-mortar store. The integration of point-of-sale terminals ensures that your sales channels work together seamlessly and information is exchanged in real time.

Invoice exchange: Reduce Invoice Processing with Lobster

The exchange of invoices is a critical aspect of business life that often takes a lot of time and is prone to errors. Lobster_data offers an efficient solution to streamline this process. With Lobster, you can significantly speed up invoice processing. What used to take many man-days can now be completed within a day. This not only saves a considerable amount of time, but also drastically reduces errors and costs. With Lobster, invoice exchange becomes a smooth and efficient process that supports and relieves your company.

Lobster_pim. Mastering Product Information Management


Lobster_pim is the ideal solution for companies looking for a scalable software platform that enables seamless product communication, offers multilingual support, improves data quality and simplifies product maintenance.

With Lobster_pim, you can achieve all of this without the need for extensive programming. Lobster_pim is characterized not only by its exceptional capabilities, but also by its native language support, which ensures that you can navigate and use the software with ease, while a dedicated support team is always on hand to assist you.

What's more, Lobster_pim integrates seamlessly with Lobster_data, giving you easy access to the extensive product data resources available to you.

Lobster_pim streamlines your product communication, improves data quality and ensures that your product information is maintained flawlessly - all in an intuitive, code-free environment. Furthermore, our W4 PIM experts are dedicated to help you fully experience the Lobster efficiency and versatility.

Data Centralisation

Simple updating and management of all product data to optimize advertising material production.
Lobster_pim offers a centralized data updating solution that simplifies the management and updating of all your product data. With this centralization, you can easily keep your product information up to date, making it easier to optimize your advertising and promotional material production. In addition, any changes or updates to your product catalog can be efficiently managed in a single location, ensuring consistency and accuracy across all your marketing materials.

Lobster_pim takes the complexity out of maintaining product data, so you can focus on creating compelling marketing content.


Automate print publications and streamline multilingual publications.

For companies looking to expand their reach across multiple marketing channels, Lobster_pim's multi-channel publishing feature is essential. With this functionality, you can automate the process of creating print publications and streamline the publication of content in multiple languages. W4's experts can help you customize and deliver your marketing materials to different audiences, ensuring your message is consistent and compelling across all channels. By automating these processes, you save valuable time and resources while maintaining the quality and accuracy of your marketing content.

Cross-channel Data Management

Cross-channel data management plays a crucial role. Utilizing a central product database like Lobster_pim enhances product information across your organization, improving efficiency in purchasing, manufacturing, and sales processes. This interconnected data and streamlined processes create a valuable cycle of product management information, leading to increased revenue streams and cost savings. The automation of routine tasks, seamless digitalization of cross-system processes, and optimized connectivity contribute to the advantages of integrated data management and automated information flows within your company.

Lobster-World for Retail


Enter the dynamic Lobster universe for retail, where the efficiency of data management plays a decisive role. W4 is your trusted partner on this journey.
Data management is more than just a task; it is a catalyst for growth and innovation. With Lobster's lean solutions, you can optimize your processes, reduce errors and increase operational efficiency.

We are committed to your success and are here to provide you with our expertise and support as you navigate the retail landscape. Our partnership isn't just about adopting technology, it's about thriving and adapting in a data-driven world.
With W4 as your trusted ally, you're taking a step towards a future where your business thrives.
Contact us today to find the right Lobster solutions for your business. We're here to support your growth and success.

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