Praxismarketing für die Radiologie Regensburg

Managing a medical practice requires many things. In addition to a well-coordinated team of doctors, automated processes and technical and advanced equipment, medical practice marketing is an essential component. In order to secure the influx of patients, both referral and medical practice management is necessary. For this reason, we have been supporting DIE RADIOLOGEN in RegensburgRegenstauf in external communication for 5 years now.

The trip with DIE RADIOLOGEN is a nice proof that an occasional print order can develop into a continuous digital content subscription. Whether digital or analogue – it is important that the medical practice is perceived by patients and colleagues. Since marketing of health services and building a positive image are a major part of medical practice marketing, various needs have accumulated in recent years, such as:

  • Conception of print materials, such as flyers
  • Setup of Google My Business
  • Conception of job advertisements
  • Setup and ongoing digital communication via Facebook including editorial plan
  • SEO optimization of the website
  • Regular publication of news
  • Advertisement design
  • Waiting room TV incl. Animations
Medical practices depend, among other things, on being recommended and positively evaluated. It is therefore very important that the practice informs, updates reports and meets the expectations of patients during their stay. Through the mix of analogue and digital medical practice marketing, the practice reaches people of different generations and provides access to information on different channels.

For more than 10 years, we have been the contact for health marketing and are pleased about the long-term cooperation with DIE RADIOLOGEN.