ACS Automobilclub switzerland expands digital presence

The ACS Automobil Club der Schweiz mobilizes its digital power. The ambitions are high and we are equally motivated to make the new blog and newsletter the first address for people who love cars. Our credo is marketing meet information technology. Therefore it goes without saying that our customers can track user activity on all their online channels and generate leads. ACS is highly interested in giving its readers user-oriented content.

marketing automation

We used the open source marketing automation solution mautic to realize this project. All tracked data from the ACS website, the blog and the newsletter are stored in a single system in real-time. The newsletter is created directly in mautic with segment-specific content – of course in the languages German, English and Italian.

ACS Blog: new platform for stakeholders and guide

The blog is a consequent step towards cementing ACS's role as a trustworthy information source with regard topics such as traffic policy, traffic safety vehicle tests. Information from the print magazine, the website, the newsletter and social media are linked in the blog. The mix of texts, videos, photos, graphics and online tests entertains and informs users. News, events and membership-related information complete the package. 

160504_Referenzen_ACS.jpgDesign: Braintrain
Programming & Content: W4


Good online visibility is the result of user-friendly and relevant content. ACS uses campaigns and Google Adwords to take center stage with core competences such as roadside assistance.


Another focus of ACS's digital campaign are social media. The Facebook page will now be updated more regularly with higher post rates and quicker response times. ACS is also creating more content for its YouTube channel: car racing, vintage car events and educational videos bring entertainment and information on mobile and desktop screens.


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