Tech Data – International Retail Marketing Campaign "Galaxy Supplies"

Motivate Retailers for Sales Increase with a Trip through the Galaxy

Tech Data acts as a distributer between the manufacturers of IT products and retailers. Convinced that retailers deserve a little bit of entertainment in their day to day business operations, Tech Data looked for a way to integrate incentives to buy in a playful manner. Like in a previous campaign, each sale should be rewarded with a special benefit. The goal was also to give a few selected products an attention-grabbing platform to shine. 

Order at Galaxy Supplies and Earn TechMiles and Stars

A playful context in which retailers make purchases was created by designing an adventurous micro site using Parallax. TechData and W4 have chosen a low-threshold approach to getting users started – Shoppers go on an expedition through the Tech Data galaxy. During the journey, they will pass by unknown stars and planets and encounter monthly changing promotions and manufacturer offers. With every purchase they make, manufacturer stars and TechMiles are credited to their accounts.  

Whoever beams themselves into the galaxy via e-mail promotions, Facebook campaigns or the website, gets some extra stars. The crew with the most points win one of many prizes and has a chance to win the grad prize, a weekend in Barcelona including a ride in a Formula 1 race car, at the end of the campaign.  

The microsite “Galaxy Supplies” has been online since March 2014. The astronounts regularly visit the Tech Data galaxy ever since. Thanks to its Parallax design, the site offers not only entertainment by way of a dynamic user experience, but also a lot of space for promotions.  

The campaign is supported through an own Facebook channel and regular mailings. 

W4 has accounted for:

The Client

The Tech Data GmbH is part of the Tech Data Group. The Tech Data Corporation was founded in 1974 and is a leading global supplier of IT products, logistics management and other value-added services.

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