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Robatech and W4 have been working together successfully for several years. Robatech is a leading global producer of gluing solutions for industrial hot melt and cold glue application. The company is represented in over 70 countries and supports customers from various industries in the field of adhesive application and optimization of gluing processes. Robatech has always pursued a sustainable approach: Ecological thinking and behaviour are fundamental to the company.

How Robatech gets off to a digital start with hourly packages from W4

W4 supports Robatech in digital marketing - both in technical and content matters. Robatech books hourly packages from the W4. This works as follows: Think of the subscription as a prepaid card for the mobile phone, only more exclusive. As long as the mobile phone is loaded with credit, it can be used: For calls, app purchases, searches and much more. And the same applies to our hourly packages for Robatech. Whenever the company needs support: We are there.

Speed and comfort with a service desk set up

We have set up a service desk so that Robatech can send requests to W4 as quickly and easily as possible: This enables Robatech's marketing department to send orders directly and without detours, so that these can be processed and executed immediately. Since W4 is broadly based with its experts, a wide variety of orders can be processed quickly. The support for Robatech includes technical and content adjustments to the website, SEO optimizations, setting up campaigns and optimization of ad campaigns.

A comfortable subscription for our costumer: Order and execution go hand in hand. Once the order has been executed, the time required for this is debited from the hourly account. This offers two big advantages: Flexibility and full transparency for our customer due to weekly reporting.


When order meets initiative, success is maximized 

But of course, W4 not only handles orders for customers, but also supports them proactively with many years of expertise in online marketing and initiates optimizations. We do analyses and show where there is room for optimization. We also implement these: From Google Ads campaigns to landing pages and comprehensive SEO work.

And it is exactly this mix that makes Robatech so successful in digital marketing: Own orders are complemented by the expertise of W4. We are pleased that the collaboration is working and continues even in the current difficult times. Because if one thing is certain, it is that digital marketing is inevitable.